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What does a girl have to do around here to get a Mulberry bag named after her?

I think I’ve cracked the code. I think I’ve worked out the steps necessary to having a Mulberry bag named after me!  The Lottie bag has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you agree? Having a luxury designer bag named after you is the ultimate indicator that you’ve made it in the fashion world. First Brit fave Alexa Chung had the honour of the Alexa bag bestowed upon her, and now current craze Lana Del Ray is enjoying the privilege of owning a bag completely inspired by her. So what do you have to do to get a bag named after you?

1) Have a truly individual look.

Alexa Chung first shot to fame and popularity through her girl next door persona which saw droves of girls aspiring to be just like her. Alexa has a refreshing and individual look that everyone wants to emulate- pinafores, brogues, granny blouses- these are things that not everyone can pull off but she sure can! When the Alexa was launched in early 2010, it cemented Chung’s status as a trendsetter. Adapted from the classic Bayswater bag, the Alexa is both formal and casual and just the perfect size for everyone to notice!

And Lana Del Ray, who has recently found fame with hits such as ‘Video Games’ and ‘Born to Die’ is also experiencing the highlights of becoming everyone’s current style crush. Teaming classic Hollywood glamour with contemporary trends, Lana has set herself apart from the typical pop starlets. Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry said of Lana ‘I love Lana’s nostalgic references to bygone glamour and the fact her look is retrospective yet so modern’.

So first on my tick list is to create some original looks!

2) Become a Muse to a fashion designer

Let’s face it; Alexa’s list of contacts on her phone probably looks near on identical to the list of contributors in an edition of Vogue. Fashion legends such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld have publicly praised Alexa for her modern and inspiring style and designers are constantly falling over each other to style her for shoots.  So if you want a bag named after you, you’re probably going to have to befriend some successful fashionistas and wing yourself a couple of front row seats to the best fashion shows. Alexa was seen front row at countless shows during LFW including Burberry and Moschino Cheap and Chic and Lana was loyally sat front row at Mulberry’s LFW show.  And it’s not that hard to get yourself on the front cover of Vogue is it??!

3) Have rock star credentials

Fashion and Rock n Roll go hand in hand and both Alexa and Lana have their connections. Although Lana has had a shaky start to her music career with some critics completely bashing her music, there’s no doubt that she’s made it despite this- she recently won a Brit award and has been no1 in the charts in 15 countries.  Adding to this she’s reportedly dating a rock star, Barrie James O’ Neill from the band Kassidy. Alexa is no stranger to the rock and roll scene either- she’s dated Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and the Horror’s Faris Badwan. And she’s constantly tweeting about her attendance at various gigs and music awards. Too cool for school.

4)  Now step four could be the most important step of all and here it is, short and sweet…. perfect the art of having a sufficient pout!

So I’m going to put all these steps into action and fingers crossed, I’ll be the next lucky girl to have a Mulberry bag named after her……

I'm not jealous at all...

Lucky girl!


New Girl= The Perfect Girl!

So I am obsessed with New Girl, and more to the point, Zooey Deschanel. Having seen the trailer (very American!) for it on TV I didn’t initially jump for joy at the prospect of ANOTHER US sitcom. However,whilst lazing around on a Saturday morning before work I saw it on TV and gave it a chance…and found out it was blummin’ hilarious! There are not many programmes which can make me ‘lol’, but this one sure did! Who would have thought something as simple as a storyline about a girl living with three guys would be so amazing?!

There is something very refreshing about Zooey Deschanel. There is no doubt that she is a Hollywood beauty, having previously starred in such hits as 500 days of summer and Elf and been the face of super beauty brand Rimmel. Her big blue eyes would melt even the coldest heart and her long glossy locks are sure to be the envy of every girl. But instead of being intimidatingly perfect, she just seems really nice. And very funny!

Style-wise, Zooey Deschanel has a retro and rather cute look. In New Girl she’s always wearing dainty shift dresses teamed with granny-chic cardigans, pixie pumps and vintage handbags. Not forgetting lots of bows and polka dots. And she can work a pair of geek-chic glasses and still look drop dead gorgeous.

So this month’s style crush goes to Zooey Deschanel, a lady who is just as good at putting an outfit together as she is at doing funny voices!


What a crazy cat

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice

Moschino Cheap and Chic LFW Autumn Winter 2012-2013

Moschino’s Cheap and Chic LFW Autumn Winter 2012-2013 show was a celebration of everything 60s with explosions of bold colour and clashes of texture and pattern.

Sweet sugar lips, beautiful beehives and luscious lashes accompanied girly designs which heavily featured coloured fur, lace, sequins and wool all in dusky pastels and bright neons. The Moschino motifs were ever present with pom-poms, pearls and bows readily on display as well as slogans such as Make Up Your Life which featured on a t-shirt that could easily be worn off the catwalk.

Best looks included a stunning military coat heavily laden with brilliant buttons which was teamed with dazzling orange kitten heels and a fantastic coloured fur bag which would make any outfit. But the ultimate favourite went to an unbelievably cute pastel pink sequined dress with an orange collar and pom-poms on the bottom to add some edge.

The result- a girly and delicate yet crazy and retro collection of designs perfect for the fashionable young city lady.

One more Aztec t-shirt for the road?

Whilst lunching in a packed shopping centre on Saturday afternoon, my best friend and I took to the art of people watching. And what was overwhelmingly obvious was this- 90% of the boys that we saw looked the same. If I had gotten a pound for every Rihanna t shirt that I saw being ‘donned’ then I would have made a pleasing amount of money! And looking around some of the top high street stores later that day, it seems it’s not these guy’s faults that they all look the same- there’s so much of the same on offer!

Chinos, Aztec tops, logo t-shirts, daps. Chinos, Aztec tops, logo t-shirts, daps. I think there’s a distinct (Aztec) pattern emerging. As my boyfriend aptly said, ‘Half the shirts in Topshop look like they’re owned by Noel Edmunds’.  What is going on?!

So has it always been like this for boys? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that theres a difference between girls and boys and their takes on fashion. Fashion can be an important way of bonding and forming relationships between girls. I always remember in the schooldays how my friends and I would buy the same or similar garments in order to show our closeness and friendship. The  recreational activity of shopping on the weekend with a girlfriend is something which most girls find themselves doing each week. Without generalising too much, for boys this is more likely to happen through discussing a sport, a music band or even a video game.  This was made even more apparent in my university days when the boys would all go off to play COD and us girls would sit in the next room and flick through fashion magazines.

And what I seem to hear a lot is that men don’t like to take too many risks. They just want something comfy and something which looks relatively good. For many girls competition is rife to be THE best dressed in the group, or to be known as the one who takes risks which always pull off.

Now of course, I’m not saying that ALL men look the same. I’m always spotting men who look really trendy. In London there seems to be much more of fashion awareness, probably because London is a fashion capital. One of the best-dressed men I know is my best friend who also happens to be gay. It sounds cliché but gay men are often the best dressed. Jamie isn’t afraid to take risks and always looks good. And confirmation of this could not come in a more highly esteemed form than through a comment from my mother, ‘Jamie always looks soooo trendy, he’s really cool’. Nice one mum.

It’s always been assumed that fashion is a woman’s world. When thinking about a designer label which is just as well known for its men’s garments as its women’s, the only one which prominently comes into my mind is Burberry, and that’s for the unisex trench coat. And you only have to look at the ratio between women’s and men’s clothes in high street shops to see which is the real money maker. But there are some fantastic men’s clothes out there just waiting to be discovered.

So please, please, please high street shops….tone it down on the Rihanna t-shirts!

One of my many style idols- Alexa Chung. She’s top notch

Alexa taking her prof pic for MySpace..

Alexa Chung- British Style’s Pride and Joy.

She’s famous for her signature casual waves and messy fringe, her skinny pins and her quirky retro style- of course we’re talking about Alexa Chung! A quick glance at her CV would impress even the most hard-nosed fashionista. Initially discovered at the tender age of 16 in the comedy tent at Reading festival, Chung has gone on to achieve wonders that other girls her age could only dream of. Having dipped her (Chanel) pumps into the world of modelling, television presenting, journalism and also as a Vogue contributor, Chung is a versatile talent. Currently residing predominantly in New York as host for new show 24 Hour Catwalk, she is flying the flag for British style.

Previously dubbed a ‘Phenomenon’ by Anna Wintour and ‘The Kate Moss of the new generation’ by the New York Times, Chung also warmed the hearts of the general public and struck a chord with the young generation through her girl next door humour which was emulated through her presence on channel 4 as a T4 Presenter. She was regularly seen doing normal young people’s activities such as attending gigs and festivals and this was where her quirky fashion sense shone through. In 2010 Alexa’s festival-chic look was the look that every girl wanted to achieve. Teaming Barbour and Breton together, mixing trilby’s with big baggy wool scarves and of course wearing THE shortest shorts available, she was the epitome of cool. And she made it look effortless. Speaking about her festival look she advised wannabees, ‘Don’t experiment with something you’ve never worn before, it needs to be comfortable’.

And with such success within the fashion world and with the public, it was inevitable that Chung’s career would go from strength to strength. She was more than just a pretty face. Karl Lagerfeld described her as ‘Beautiful and clever. A modern girl’. Twitter regularly depicts this wit and humour that she possesses whether enjoying banter with best friend and fellow IT girl Poppy Delevingne or simply sharing everyday experiences like ‘this traffic is as KEWL as this tweet’.

Chung was recently appointed Young Style Ambassador by the BFC- a role which will see her promote British fashion design talent to a global market. This is not the first privilege that she has been awarded concerning her inspiring British style. In 2010 she was awarded the British Style Award on behalf of the British Fashion Council and the following year she was awarded another British Style Award at the British Fashion Awards as voted by the public. Speaking on her role as a British style icon, Chung says ‘I always name London first when asked which city in the world has the best style. Theres something so inherently rebellious about how people naturally style themselves’. And the young beauty is certainly one to take risks which (almost always) pay off.

At London and New York fashion week 2012, Chung debuted her most current inspiring looks. She was rarely seen without her luxe, textured coat and rocked the granny-chic look with pinafores, pretty collars, wool tights and high-necked silk blouses. A regular favourite in the ‘best haircuts’ department, she rocked a messy fringe and even teamed this with a very current 60’s inspired twisted blue headband at one event. The key to Alexa’s everyday style seemed to be ‘mix & match’, with her mirroring the catwalk look at Louis Vuitton by teaming a silk top with a leather-studded floral appliqué skirt, and clashing textures and pattern at Christopher Kane’s show with a floral knee-length skirt, slouchy knitwear and metallic heels. And proving that she can work any look, Chung dressed up for a star-studded evening out in a demure black silk Stella Mcartney gown, which contrasted with her trendy tousled tresses.

And Alexa is keen to share her fashion expertise. She’s had a photo-blog on Vogue’s website called ‘Today I’m wearing….’ which showed fans her daily outfits which mixed designer with high street and self-made jewellery with second-hand market buys. And twitter is the perfect place to discover Alexa’s current style crushes.

2012 is the year for Alexa Chung and if you are ever looking for some authentic British inspiration then you only need turn to her for help! And who knows, if you try hard enough maybe Mulberry will name a bag after you too!

The art of mixing and matching

Some of my most recent purchases which I plan on mixing and matching like there's no tomorrow!

March 2012

Mixing and Matching- The Quick guide

This season it’s all about thinking outside the box. Yes, it’s about feeling brave and mixing and matching up our outfits! The IN thing to do at the moment, London Fashion week saw designers galore sending out models to the catwalk donned in outfits which clashed in colour, texture and pattern. Issa’s show saw eclectic 60’s patterns fused with traditional wool ponchos, Christopher Kane teamed purple leopard print with floral and Temperley mixed luxurious gold with folklore peasant blouses.

But there’s a fine line between mixing and matching successfully and looking amazing, and failing miserably with the result of looking like a living, breathing rummage sale! So here are some failsafe tips to pulling off the most current look.

1) Be Brave, but sensible!                               

Mixing and matching is all about confidence. Instead of going with the norm and putting on your favourite denim jeans with that patterned top, be bold and try a pair of brightly coloured jeans with it. This will instantly add a bit more edge to your outfit and will set you apart from the rest. And if you’re feeling particularly feisty, then why not try a pair of patterned trousers? Just be sure to make sure your top half isn’t too crazy!

2) Keep your silhouette looking great.

The ultimate aim of M&M is teaming patterns with different patterns, colours and textures to achieve a retro look. But you still need to make sure you are wearing things flattering to your shape. To keep a balance why not go half and half and wear fitting with floaty. This way you can flatter your favourite bits with the tighter garment and complement your other half with a more floaty number. And remember- too much pattern can be very unflattering! Team neutrals with crazier patterns. And this way you are still fulfilling the rules of mixing and matching!

3) It’s all about the shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit so never forget to pick out a great pair to complete your look. Marc Jacob’s ‘Merry Go Round’ shoes for Louis Vuitton have been seen on countless perfectly pedicured feet of the rich and famous from Alexa Chung to Abbie Clancy and perfectly sum up the art of mix and match with pastel colours teamed with a metallic toecap. Why not try a pair of two-tone heels which are very current or a splash of neon to spice up your outfit.

 4) It’s in the little details

The mix and match look can be a little daunting so If you’re not quite ready to go the whole hog, then accessories are a great stepping-stone up to the full-blown thing . Something as simple as a patterned headband can make an outfit instantly more fashionable. And why not wear a handbag that clashes with your headband for a subtle fashion statement? Another must is patterned tights which can upgrade a bland outfit up to the level of fashionable.

5) Look to the stars for inspiration

There are many celebs that make the art of mixing and matching effortless- so why not use them for inspiration? That’s what they’re there for after all! Eliza Doolittle, princess of patterns is currently starring in the ‘Today I’m wearing’ photo blog on Vogue’s website which documents her outfits every day for a month. Eliza is the epitome of retro and is never afraid to clash bold colours and crazy patterns. And stars such as Whitney Port are regularly splashed across magazines and the internet wearing utterly fashionable outfits which perfectly sum up the art of M&M.

And the top tip- sometimes it’s good to move out of your comfort zone and try something a little daring.  So go for it!



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