One of my many style idols- Alexa Chung. She’s top notch

Alexa taking her prof pic for MySpace..

Alexa Chung- British Style’s Pride and Joy.

She’s famous for her signature casual waves and messy fringe, her skinny pins and her quirky retro style- of course we’re talking about Alexa Chung! A quick glance at her CV would impress even the most hard-nosed fashionista. Initially discovered at the tender age of 16 in the comedy tent at Reading festival, Chung has gone on to achieve wonders that other girls her age could only dream of. Having dipped her (Chanel) pumps into the world of modelling, television presenting, journalism and also as a Vogue contributor, Chung is a versatile talent. Currently residing predominantly in New York as host for new show 24 Hour Catwalk, she is flying the flag for British style.

Previously dubbed a ‘Phenomenon’ by Anna Wintour and ‘The Kate Moss of the new generation’ by the New York Times, Chung also warmed the hearts of the general public and struck a chord with the young generation through her girl next door humour which was emulated through her presence on channel 4 as a T4 Presenter. She was regularly seen doing normal young people’s activities such as attending gigs and festivals and this was where her quirky fashion sense shone through. In 2010 Alexa’s festival-chic look was the look that every girl wanted to achieve. Teaming Barbour and Breton together, mixing trilby’s with big baggy wool scarves and of course wearing THE shortest shorts available, she was the epitome of cool. And she made it look effortless. Speaking about her festival look she advised wannabees, ‘Don’t experiment with something you’ve never worn before, it needs to be comfortable’.

And with such success within the fashion world and with the public, it was inevitable that Chung’s career would go from strength to strength. She was more than just a pretty face. Karl Lagerfeld described her as ‘Beautiful and clever. A modern girl’. Twitter regularly depicts this wit and humour that she possesses whether enjoying banter with best friend and fellow IT girl Poppy Delevingne or simply sharing everyday experiences like ‘this traffic is as KEWL as this tweet’.

Chung was recently appointed Young Style Ambassador by the BFC- a role which will see her promote British fashion design talent to a global market. This is not the first privilege that she has been awarded concerning her inspiring British style. In 2010 she was awarded the British Style Award on behalf of the British Fashion Council and the following year she was awarded another British Style Award at the British Fashion Awards as voted by the public. Speaking on her role as a British style icon, Chung says ‘I always name London first when asked which city in the world has the best style. Theres something so inherently rebellious about how people naturally style themselves’. And the young beauty is certainly one to take risks which (almost always) pay off.

At London and New York fashion week 2012, Chung debuted her most current inspiring looks. She was rarely seen without her luxe, textured coat and rocked the granny-chic look with pinafores, pretty collars, wool tights and high-necked silk blouses. A regular favourite in the ‘best haircuts’ department, she rocked a messy fringe and even teamed this with a very current 60’s inspired twisted blue headband at one event. The key to Alexa’s everyday style seemed to be ‘mix & match’, with her mirroring the catwalk look at Louis Vuitton by teaming a silk top with a leather-studded floral appliqué skirt, and clashing textures and pattern at Christopher Kane’s show with a floral knee-length skirt, slouchy knitwear and metallic heels. And proving that she can work any look, Chung dressed up for a star-studded evening out in a demure black silk Stella Mcartney gown, which contrasted with her trendy tousled tresses.

And Alexa is keen to share her fashion expertise. She’s had a photo-blog on Vogue’s website called ‘Today I’m wearing….’ which showed fans her daily outfits which mixed designer with high street and self-made jewellery with second-hand market buys. And twitter is the perfect place to discover Alexa’s current style crushes.

2012 is the year for Alexa Chung and if you are ever looking for some authentic British inspiration then you only need turn to her for help! And who knows, if you try hard enough maybe Mulberry will name a bag after you too!


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