What does a girl have to do around here to get a Mulberry bag named after her?

I think I’ve cracked the code. I think I’ve worked out the steps necessary to having a Mulberry bag named after me!  The Lottie bag has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you agree? Having a luxury designer bag named after you is the ultimate indicator that you’ve made it in the fashion world. First Brit fave Alexa Chung had the honour of the Alexa bag bestowed upon her, and now current craze Lana Del Ray is enjoying the privilege of owning a bag completely inspired by her. So what do you have to do to get a bag named after you?

1) Have a truly individual look.

Alexa Chung first shot to fame and popularity through her girl next door persona which saw droves of girls aspiring to be just like her. Alexa has a refreshing and individual look that everyone wants to emulate- pinafores, brogues, granny blouses- these are things that not everyone can pull off but she sure can! When the Alexa was launched in early 2010, it cemented Chung’s status as a trendsetter. Adapted from the classic Bayswater bag, the Alexa is both formal and casual and just the perfect size for everyone to notice!

And Lana Del Ray, who has recently found fame with hits such as ‘Video Games’ and ‘Born to Die’ is also experiencing the highlights of becoming everyone’s current style crush. Teaming classic Hollywood glamour with contemporary trends, Lana has set herself apart from the typical pop starlets. Emma Hill, creative director of Mulberry said of Lana ‘I love Lana’s nostalgic references to bygone glamour and the fact her look is retrospective yet so modern’.

So first on my tick list is to create some original looks!

2) Become a Muse to a fashion designer

Let’s face it; Alexa’s list of contacts on her phone probably looks near on identical to the list of contributors in an edition of Vogue. Fashion legends such as Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld have publicly praised Alexa for her modern and inspiring style and designers are constantly falling over each other to style her for shoots.  So if you want a bag named after you, you’re probably going to have to befriend some successful fashionistas and wing yourself a couple of front row seats to the best fashion shows. Alexa was seen front row at countless shows during LFW including Burberry and Moschino Cheap and Chic and Lana was loyally sat front row at Mulberry’s LFW show.  And it’s not that hard to get yourself on the front cover of Vogue is it??!

3) Have rock star credentials

Fashion and Rock n Roll go hand in hand and both Alexa and Lana have their connections. Although Lana has had a shaky start to her music career with some critics completely bashing her music, there’s no doubt that she’s made it despite this- she recently won a Brit award and has been no1 in the charts in 15 countries.  Adding to this she’s reportedly dating a rock star, Barrie James O’ Neill from the band Kassidy. Alexa is no stranger to the rock and roll scene either- she’s dated Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and the Horror’s Faris Badwan. And she’s constantly tweeting about her attendance at various gigs and music awards. Too cool for school.

4)  Now step four could be the most important step of all and here it is, short and sweet…. perfect the art of having a sufficient pout!

So I’m going to put all these steps into action and fingers crossed, I’ll be the next lucky girl to have a Mulberry bag named after her……

I'm not jealous at all...

Lucky girl!


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