The Looks That Will Last Longer Than Your Wardrobe Will!

The fashion world- a fast moving industry where the most innovative look can transform into the most dated look in a matter of weeks. Aesthetics mean everything in the fashion industry and designers are constantly striving to create something completely original…hence the existence of trends. But there are some failsafe looks that have resisted being thrown into the fashion bin. Here are some of the looks that will never go out of Vogue.

The Blazer

Kate Moss says that she is at her most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a good blazer. And Kate is definitely one to listen to where fashion is concerned. A staple item in her VAST wardrobe, the blazer is timeless because of its simplicity and versatility. Dressed up or down, day or night, the blazer makes a bold statement of sophistication and can complement so many different looks. With its androgynous roots, it’s also a great way to power dress. A must have for every woman.








The leather jacket

The iconic piece which sums up the rock and roll era of the 1950s and a favourite signature piece for Hollywood stars including James Dean, John Travolta and now Brad Pitt, the leather jacket is the epitome of cool. A timeless classic if you will. With so many different styles of leather jacket out there, it’s not hard to believe that the majority of people have owned one at some point in their life. The top tips for buying a leather jacket- invest some money in it and don’t opt for a cheap version. It’s going to last you a lifetime!









The pencil skirt

Saucy, sexy or smart, the pencil skirt is one of the most flattering garments a woman can wear, accentuating the curves and lengthening the leg with a good pair of heels.  If womanity was a piece of clothing, it would be a pencil skirt! Mila Kunis shows women how to make the look work with a black leather pencil skirt teamed with a pretty white top. Black is always a flattering shade as its simple and slimming.








The Trenchcoat

We have a lot to thank Burberry for! In 1914, the War Office commissioned Thomas Burberry to adapt his officer’s coat design for the war; hence, the trench coat was born. Now seen as the signature piece of Burberry, a fashion house which is experiencing great success with current creative director Christopher Bailey, the unisex trench coat is still as popular as ever. It gives off a sense of respectability, due its roots with army officers wearing the garment, but it’s also effortlessly stylish. High street stores including Gap and H&M offer fabulous versions of the Burberry garment at much more affordable prices.









Perhaps THE most timeless garment in history, the LBD was described by Vogue as ‘a sort of uniform for all women of taste’. In 1926, American Vogue published a picture of a Coco Chanel LBD and history was made from that point on. The LBD was intended to be long-lasting, versatile and accessible. The ultimate key to its success was its simplicity- it couldn’t look dated if it tried. Victoria Beckham models a classic LBD- short and with a simple cut and Audrey Hepburn looks perfection in hers. Whilst some may see black as a safety piece, it’s often the celebrities who rock a simple LBD with fab accessories on the red carpet that end up catching the limelight.


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