Graduate Fashion Week- An Audience With….Creating a Brand

British designer David Longshaw lent his fashion and business expertise at the An Audience With…Creating A Brand talk hosted by BFC talent scout and fashion writer and lecturer Andrew Tucker. Longshaw has had a successful and busy couple of years in his leadup to creating his own brand, having worked for MaxMara and Alberta Ferretti,  being selected as one of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘One to Watch’, and becoming the recipient of the Elle talent launchpad.

Known for specialising with print, Longshaw studied at both Central St Martin’s and the Royal College of Art and revealed to the audience at GFW that his experience in Italy with MaxMara and Alberta Ferretti was invaluable in gaining experience but also showed him the freedom that can come with having your own brand where you can experiment as much as you like.

Speaking about what makes a brand; Longshaw was asked about the print side of his designing and whether the technology that comes with it had affected people’s perceptions of the craftsmanship involved. He believes that print is still very much a craft and the digital side of things helped to enhance his illustrations even more so. On what makes his brand special, Longshaw revealed that all of his designs have an intrinsic story behind them, some with very strange inspiration (what would happen if ‘scallies’ were left to run riot in a stately home for example!) In an industry which is saturated with designers, it’s good to have a bit of originality and an extra layer.

Longshaw also spoke about the importance of selling yourself to your customers whether it’s through a website or social networking. He offered the useful advice that when it comes to tweeting, it can work to enhance your label but you must be careful not to make yourself look disjointed. A tweet about eating beans will not look impressive!

With much more to come from David Longshaw, he is the perfect role model for graduates who have big dreams of creating their very own brand.

Illustrations of Longshaw’s








A David Longshaw Headpiece


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