Northumbria Show- Graduate Fashion Week 2012

Graduates at Northumbria today presented their final collections to a packed out theatre at Graduate Fashion Week 2012. From sixties nostalgia to Russian architecture and fisherman tribes, there was an eclectic mix of inspiration on show.

Opening the show, Emily Edge showcased a collection which was titled ‘Glass Geometry’, which saw psychedelic shirts, a clash of textures, occasional metallic detailing and bursts of bold yellow. Aiming to create excitement in subtle ways, Emily’s collection was a great start to the show.

Emily Edge


Taking the punk rock trend to a new level, Charlotte Sowerby fully immersed her menswear collection into the days of the Mods, Teds and Skinheads with her ‘Grace under pressue’ collection. Velvet blazers, leopard print teamed with a Black fur striped gilet and tie-dye distressed jeans all helped to conjure up youth culture imagery.

Charlotte Sowerby

Rebecca Byers presented a delicately beautiful womenswear collection which revolved around tarnished gold detailing. Opening with a stunningly crafted piece of knitwear combined with gold chainmail shorts, the collection evolved into beautifully cut Grecian goddess gowns which linked in with the designers theme of erosion as they seemed to collapse as they fell around the model’s body.

Rebecca Byers


Another face to watch was Amelia Smith with Heavenly Kingdom- a collection which was inspired by the architecture of Red Square in Moscow. A colour palette of gold, white and black complemented a beautifully crafted Russian doll dress which had a feminine, curved silhouette. An emphasis was put on detailing with a geometric monochrome patterned theme and gold collars, capes and shoulder pads.

Amelia Smith


A strong emphasis on menswear was apparent with tailoring and knitwear a big theme at the show. Kamille Davis, menswear designer impressed with a floor-length knitwear tunic inspired by a small fishing community near her hometown and Chloe Horsfield, textiles and knitwear student had some fantastic knitwear creations clashed with other unusual fabrics and textures.

The result- a show which had the wow-factor stamped all over it!




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