UCA Rochester Show- Graduate Fashion Week 2012

A strong focus on print and colour to complement Rochester’s strength in the field of creative cutting contributed to an eclectic mix of both men’s and women’s wear collections at day two of Graduate Fashion Week. Always striving for innovation, the students’ inspirations for their collections were obscure and interesting- from a tramp who lives on the streets of China, to the children’s classic The Secret Garden and the condition body dimorphia.

Richard Sun caused gasps of amazement from the audience with his collection which was inspired by the architecture of a government building in Hong Kong which interestingly had a large number of suicides. Models took to the catwalk with cagelike structures around their heads and bodies as a representation of the building which was an empty core with metal bars on the outside- an expression of entrapment. These structures were intricately-crafted, dramatic and memorable.


Richard Sun

Revolving around the play War Horse Jenny Prismall presented a collection with strong use of leather detailing. Leather seams on trousers, wool jackets with grey leather padding and leather cuffs gave a military effect to the collection. An emphasis was put on structure and silhouette, echoing the horse puppet frameworks.  Print designs were also present, a recurring theme at the Rochester Show.

Jenny Prismall

Transported back to the eighties and the days of Miami Vice, Callum Burman gave street-style a twist with menswear in pinks, purples and blues, complete with bling gold chains. Leisure-wear at its most stylish.

Callum Burman


Pavinder Dhari took a sensitive approach to the condition of body Dimorphia with designs which aimed to illustrate the beauty side of imperfection. Unregulated, angular and imperfected shapes in contrasting materials created beautifully elegant designs. The dark colour palette of the collection was accentuated with chunky gold jewellery. All in all, a collection of inspiring designs which perfectly represented the great potential of Rochester’s graduates. Watch this space!

Pavinder Dhari





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