Summer 2012’s key trend? WASHOUT :(


It’s another Monday morning. Not only is this depressing in itself as Mondays tend to be, but once again it is raining. And it’s that fine rain which soaks you in seconds. Double whammy. I am becoming seriously annoyed, frustrated and above all worried that my summer clothes will remain in my wardrobe for the rest of the summer due to this horrendous weather!

Now I always thought I was more of a winter wardrobe girl. I love my Woolley knits, big winter jackets and snug boots. But I am now getting a just a bit tired of having to crack all these garments out in JULY!! These days all it takes is a distant glimmer of sunshine and I have the short shorts, the flimsy summer dresses and even the flip flops out on show. I have done what I always said I wouldn’t- wear flip flops when the weather really doesn’t warrant wearing them just so that I can say I’ve worn them. Who have I become?!

If I wasn’t soon to be heading to the sunny climate of Spain for a well-deserved holiday with friends I think I would quite possibly tip over the edge and have a fashion-related meltdown. I am unbelievably excited to be able to wear light dresses, playsuits and sunglasses without feeling like an idiot. And to remember the feeling of not having to go out with a jacket and umbrella in tow.

Burberry S/S 12 rather than A/W 12???


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