Goth and Fashion- Like A Moth To The Flame

The cast of TOWIE are not going to be feeling too comfortable this winter- pale and interesting is in and tanned is most certainly out! And for fashion role models think Rooney Mara rather than J-Lo . This season it’s all about Goth!








This summer it was all about being girly. Sorbet shades, light lace and pretty pastels. We couldn’t get enough of it. This winter it could not be more different with contrasting hard leather, spikes where you didn’t think it was possible to wear spikes and spider web- like knits. So what are the key tips for pulling off Goth and winning serious fashion points without looking like a glorified emo.

1)      Statement Lips and chiselled cheekbones

When I think ‘Goth’ I instantly picture a white-faced girl with black lipstick and long sweeping raven hair. Think this for your makeup but with a serious high-fashion edge. This season think plum coloured or blood red lips. Remember, if you are going for big lips, then don’t go for big eyes too- you will end up looking like a rather gothy clown. At LFW cheekbones were big news. Hollow, haunted and ethereal were the targets to hit. If you’re not lucky enough to have the genes of a catwalk model and want to accentuate your cheekbones, then brush powder in a line from the middle of your ear to the edge of your mouth to create a cheekbone-effect.

Gucci Fall 2012








2)      Lashings of leather

Take a look in any high-street shop (I’m guessing most girls don’t need to be asked twice to do this) and you will see that leather has staged a rather huge invasion. Whether in the form of a classic trench with leather sleeves, an all-leather dress or of course the wardrobe staple leather jacket, designs from the likes of Prada, Versace and Givenchy have trickled down onto the high-street for you to snap up. The key to working leather is to not go overboard. You don’t want to look  like Marilyn Manson! If you’re not ready to don an all-leather dress then why not accessorise with leather boots, gloves or a leather headband.  And there are hundreds of garments currently available with leather accents- Zara is the clear winner for me in this category.

Christian Dior AW12










Goth on the Catwalk

















3)      Stun with spikes

Sick of being a girly girl? Spikes are a sure-fire way to instantly transform your look from pretty to bolshy. One of the key looks for Goth this season, spikes have been seen on the heels of chunky leather boots, on the collars of sheer black shirts and even on headbands. Just be aware that this look comes with its own health and safety warning! You do not want to be falling over in your spiky shoes.

Jeffrey Campbell amazing studded boots








4)      Fitted? Fail!

Another look that will have the Towie girls running for the hills- oversized. Think structured shoulders, baggy trousers and cocoon coats and capes. Goth is all about dramatic and the shaping of your garments are essential in promoting this look. For inspiration check out D&G’s capes which defined their AW collection and had a distinct high-fashion vampire aesthetic, and Givenchy’s harsh structuring teamed with mischievous red eye-makeup and hair.

Dramatic shaping and structure










Big shoulders AND leather- 2 looks in 1!










Givenchy baggy trousers










5)      Punky Patterns

Spider-web knitwear will not only help you keep warm in the winter months, but it will fulfil the Goth requirements with its fantastic moody pattern and texture. For nights out, convert knitwear to black lace and team with a leather piece or accessories. It’s all about standing out. Chanel teamed sheer patterned black skirts over cigarette-style trousers and elbow-length gloves for an original gothy look.

Chanel AW12










So there we have it. Whether you want to go all out and fully embrace the Goth look or just want to take a few aspects of it to incorporate into your wardrobe, this is a look that is sure to make an impact. Moody, brooding expressions optional.

Alice Dellal rocks the punk goth look for Chanel





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