Detachable Fashion!

Now here’s a way to get creative and make a garment you’ve worn loads before look completely different- detachable fashion! And I should probably mention that it will save you a bit of money by not having to buy a whole new set of clothes- are you following now if you weren’t before?

Let’s use an example of my own to display the point of this blog post. I have a beautiful red winter coat that I purchased a long, long time ago. Now most girls live under the philosophy that if they have worn a garment out once, been pictured in it which has then subsequently been published on facebook, then it is deemed ‘used goods’ and therefore useless. The disposable nature of fashion has become ridiculous. It’s as if we believe our own friends will compare us to tramps if we dare to wear the same top out to another meal a few weeks later! Ludicrous I know, but in a girl’s world, very true.

So back to the red coat. I love this coat. It has served me well, from my sixth form days out ice-skating, shopping, walking around my home-town aimlessly and being generally ‘free’ with my friends, to keeping me warm while I spent hours waiting for the much hated 73 bus that never turned up on time in university. And after hearing that red is very much in this AW, I am desperate to wear it again…but can I bring myself to? Yes, I can because I’m going to customise it and bring it back to life with a detachable fur collar!

A quick search on a site such as ebay will yield many results for DIY fashion and all the big online clothes shops are cashing in on the trend. A faux fur collar will instantly transform a plain old coat into a fashion piece for this winter. A brown fur collar placed on a navy winter coat will give you the classic look, while a white and black dotted collar placed on a red coat will give you a bit of edge. Or why not combine one with a cardigan- a hot pink or a bright yellow would really make you stand out in the winter. There are also fur cuffs to consider if you want to fully makeover you coat. And if the rain decides to carry on as its doing already, then you can even get some really cute fur-lined socks to pop over your Hunters to give the illusion of fur lined wellies!

So get crafting/internet browsing and create a brand new coat for a fraction of the price of a new one. Or just customise an old AND buy a new- that’s what I’ll end up doing…


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