Winter Hats To Make You Feel Snug As A Bug In A Rug (But Look Way Better Than A Bug In A Rug)

Hats are complex little things. Who knew one little accessory could have the potential to cause so much trouble? It’s bad etiquette to wear them indoors (maybe less so now than the ‘olden days’ but still), they can mess up your hair something chronic, and frustratingly there seems to be a different hat for every head-shape! None the less, hats are a necessity in winter. Picture the scene- ice-skating, snow, a big winter coat and a snug hat. Perfect winter image.

When done correctly, hats can offset an outfit perfectly. Do it wrong, you can look like a bit of a plonker. So which hats should we be wearing this AW?

Knitted headbands 

Ok, so this one isn’t an official member of the hat crew, but knitted headbands are the perfect compromise between keeping warm and keeping your hairstyle intact. Beware though, pick wisely! You don’t want to look like you’re kitted out for a fancy dinner AND a date on the ski slopes at the same time.

Whitney Port

Cara Delevigne












The ever-fashionable beret

Wipe any French stereotypes clear, and concentrate on the utter chic-ness that is a beret! A timeless fashion accessory, the beret is simple and can be dressed up for a winter evening out in the city or dressed down and tilted slightly on your head for a spot of Christmas shopping. This is good choice for longer faces as they help to give a rounder effect to your face.

Jessica Alba

Katy Perry








The statement cossack

Big, bold and very fluffy, the Cossack hat is the ‘get me noticed’ accessory. A favourite with fashionistas, the Cossack  is luxurious and usually made from faux or real fur. Very fashionable darling.  Warning- must be worn with confidence!

Kate Moss








The faithful bobble hat

The bobble hat is the ultimate winter companion. Easy to wear, playful and very cute. A favourite with all ages and probably the easiest choice! Pick a slouchy one with an extra big bobble in a berry red this winter to look on trend. This one definitely wins ‘most comfortable hat’.

Cheryl Cole








Fashionable Fedora

Think Rosie-Huntingdon Whiteley and basically the whole crew of Made In Chelsea. This is an up-market look and another one for the brave as you will stand out on the streets. Team with a fur coat and some slick boots for a sophisticated winter look.

Millie Made In Chelsea

Rosie H-W













And the one to avoid….

Animal hats will always be more suited to fancy dress than Vogue but are fun all the same!

Another excuse to go shopping? What’s so wrong with hat?  (Awful)



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