The stress of sale-shopping- what to invest in and what to avoid

Who on earth gets up at 4am on Boxing Day morning to attend the NEXT sale?! Whilst this is most definitely not my idea of fun, for many thousands of people this Boxing Day, that was precisely what was on the ‘to do’ list. Queues aplenty formed all over the country, from Next to up-market department stores Harrods and Selfridges and high street favourite Zara, all full of shoppers hoping to bag a bargain and maybe give a few black eyes to any competitors who tried to get in front of them in the process.

boo for  queues!

boo for queues!








There’s no denying it, it’s a good feeling getting a bargain. Even better when you actually end up wearing said item more than once. But from my experience, I do seem to fall into a pattern of buying something just because its been reduced and then not actually ever wearing it more than actually making  a worthwhile investment. So I thought I’d tell you my thoughts on what you should be investing in during the sales this year, and what you should be leaving on the rails for some other crazy shopper to snap up.

In at number 1: jeans

I love to shop for everything. When I say everything, I don’t mean jeans. Even though I wear jeans pretty much every day, shopping for a suitable pair does not excite me. Neither do the prices. So the sale period makes this laborious task slightly better as prices are much lower. A quick scan on the internet shows some promising jean options in H&M (Prices from £3!!), and Zara. This is my top investment choice for sale garments as if you get the right pair you’ll be wearing them long into the year!

Zara Skinny Jeans £29.99

Zara Skinny Jeans £29.99










Close runner up: an everyday bag

I am still rather smug about picking up an absolute bargain in the form of a brown cord and leather everyday bag from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago. It’s often the case that when you pick up something for next to nothing, its always the item that gets the most compliments. An everyday bag will set you up for the entire year. Whether for work, university, a day out or just because you love a pretty accessory, this won’t be a money waster! Check out Urban, Mango and Topshop for good reductions on excellent quality bags.

Mango £19.99 from £44.99

Mango £19.99 from £44.99










And last but not least: A good pair of boots

We all love a good pair of shoes. Even better when they’re half the price! Now that AW12 is on its way out and SS13 will be hitting the shop shelves, why not invest in a pair of half price winter boots ready for next year. Black will always be in, and choosing a simple yet stylish design will set you up for the following winter but will not require you to save up for the entire year beforehand!

Zara Cowboy Boots

Zara Cowboy Boots










And what to resist….

The main thing to avoid doing is to buy anything too ‘on trend’ as you’ll soon find that nobody will be wearing it! So this year try to resist buying any more studded pieces. Huge for AW12, the fashion world will be moving on from them into much softer textures and patterns for SS13. And as much as it pains me to say it, leather accents on garments are also a winter trend and won’t fit in with the spring summer vibe soon to hit our shops. Same applies for Aztec print (although that may be wishful thinking on my part).

Good luck sale shopping and let me know your investment finds!

Lottie x



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