Make Your Move Checkerboard Chick!

Louis Vuitton fashion sketch

Louis Vuitton fashion sketch









Checkerboard and fashion. To me this sounds like something a character from Alice In Wonderland may wear, but this spring Louis Vuitton proved that its very much a real trend! Using spring yellows, olive greens and monochrome, the Louis Vuitton ss13 show in Paris was a spectacular show where models descended from escalators onto the checkerboard catwalk, as if they were off for a spot of shopping rather than walking at a huge runway event!

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This show resulted in the crème de la crème of the fashion world tripping over each other to get their hands on the various checkerboard designs. Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr to name but a few. From shift dresses, to cropped tops and miniskirts, this trend is incredibly versatile and has a distinct seventies feel. There was also a lovely contrast at Louis Vuitton between the bold checkerboard patterns and the feminine bows and beehives which the models donned. Checkerboards can look girly and empowering at the same time. Great news!

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The current monochrome craze that we are experiencing goes hand in hand with the traditional checkerboard look. Black and white checks are the boldest choice to go for. I think it looks amazing with a hot pink. Head to my fave shop Zara for some inspiration. They are loving monochrome with hot pink at the moment!

Blogger Street Style

Blogger Street Style










As we saw on the catwalk, wearing head to toe checkerboard is a very brave look! If you want to adapt it to your everyday lifestyle, why not wear a monochrome checkerboard t-shirt with some coloured jeans? For a dressed up look, a checkerboard pencil skirt with a metallic or leather top would be bang on trend. Or you could dress up a neutral outfit with several checkerboard accessories. Pencil point shoes are another big trend this spring.  Keep a look out for some checkerboard ones and kill two birds with one stone!

Louis Vuitton checkerboard pencil points

Louis Vuitton checkerboard pencil points










And Gwen Stefani proves how important makeup can be when wearing such a bold trend. Her statement red lips really bring out the stark black and white design of her checkerboard trench. Completed with some classic black shades, she really does look like a true Hollywood star.

Have fun playing checkerboard chic!

Gwen Stefani in monochrome checkerboard trench

Gwen Stefani in monochrome checkerboard trencHave fun playing with checkerboard chic this spring!


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