Coachella 2013- Festival Looks To Adapt To Your Own Lifestyle!

Scene 1- sun, music, laughter- basically the time of your life.

Scene 2- work, rain and a soggy sandwich for lunchtime.

Unfortunately for most people, scene 2 is what they’re doing this working week. But it’s a very different story in California, where all the beautiful people are partying hard to the likes of the Stones Roses, Blur and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Waaaa, how depressing! Coachella 2013 is well under way.

Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013







Last year one of my first ever blog posts on  was about Coachella 2012 and the wonderful boho street style that the festival is famous for. Being in Califorina, It’s the perfect climate for ultimate festival wear. Hot pants to rival all other hotpants, fringed crop tops and flower headbands are practically uniform. As is a banging tan. So to stop myself becoming bitter and twisted with jealousy, I got to looking at some of the celebrity style this year and picked out a few key looks which I think us normal people could work into our everyday lives! Here’s what I found…

1)      Knee High Suede Boots

For look one, we need only look to Diane Kruger for inspiration. She looks amazing in this knee length pair of black boots. No doubt designer and VERY expensive. Knee length boots are not only incredibly sexy and complimentary to your legs, but very practical for walking long distances- whether this is from stage to stage at a festival or walking shop to shop on a serious retail therapy mission. Diane looks festival chic in monochrome patterned shorts and a baggy band t-shirt, but this style of boot also looks brilliant with skinny jeans. When it finally gets warmer here, a floaty summer dress would look ever so pretty teamed with some too. Check out this pair from the new ICONS collection at H&M.

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2)      Cats Eyes Sunglasses

Cats Eyes sunglasses skyrocketed from the fifties well into 2013 where celebrities including Katy Perry were seen wearing these delectable accessories at Coachella. They are the perfect way to complete an eclectic look and give off a distinct vintage vibe with their fifties roots. Katy wore hers with a seriously cropped floral top but in the good old UK you could opt for a coloured pair to add a bit of excitement to an everyday outfit. H&M and Topshop are my go-to destinations for cheap but fashionable sunglasses.

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3)      Matching Tops and Bottoms

This may sound like something you’d do in primary school, but wearing matching tops and bottoms is pretty big right now! Just look at Coachella veteran Kate Bosworth who looks effortlessly cool in matching frilly floral  designs with scallop edgings. Such a summer look. You can find matching garments in all your favourite high street shops; you just need to have the confidence to buy both at once and then wear them together! Just think, it’s just like wearing a playsuit. And we all love a playsuit!  Throw over a leather jacket or blazer and you can easily go from a daytime activity to a night-time one with this outfit. Perfect.

Kate Bosworth in matching top and short combo at Coachella 2013

Kate Bosworth in matching top and short combo at Coachella 2013

Topshop Matching Top and Shorts Combo

Topshop Matching Top and Shorts Combo



















4)      A Fedora

The fedora is a staple for experienced festival goers. Protection from the sun, a well-needed cover up for greasy festival hair and of course a timeless fashion look. Yes, wearing a fedora in the UK can look a bit try-hard, but on a sunny day in the country or city, teamed with a fashionable outfit it can be the difference between a 9/10 and full marks where an outfit is concerned! Call on your Coachella roots when wearing one and opt for a boho dress and knee high boots.

Victoria's Secret Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (In Hats)

Victoria’s Secret Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (In Hats)

Miranda Kerr wears Coachella Staples- Hat, Shades, Baggy Tee, Shorts and Ankle Boots

Miranda Kerr wears Coachella Staples- Hat, Shades, Baggy Tee, Shorts and Ankle Boots










So whilst I feel sooo  jealous of those pesky Coachella festival goers that I feel I may cry, I’m going to man up and 1) incorporate these looks into my own lifestyle and 2) start furiously saving for Coachella 2014.

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