The Rise Of The Low Heel In Fashion

SS13 Trend 

I like to think that when it comes to fashion, I know what I like, and I know what I don’t. But I’ve been feeling very confused lately. The standard procedure for me when looking for statement evening  shoes is to go high or go home. The higher the better. For daytime shoes, much to the confusion of my boyfriend, it’s a pair of flatter than a pancake pumps (‘They have no sole, you’re basically walking barefoot, that can’t be good for your feet’). He’s absolutely correct…but they look so cute! However, a few weeks ago on a standard shopping trip, my eyes were drawn to a pair of….low heels! Dun Dun Duhhhhh. This is unheard of. Surely this is a no-go area for me? We all know the negative connotations surrounding a kitten heel. But I couldn’t resist them, I had to get them. And  after having owned them and not taken them back in a fit of embarrassment, I can make the huge revelation that I now LOVE low-heels!

Low Heeled Shoes- The Biggest Shoe Fad This SS13

Low Heeled Shoes- The Biggest Shoe Fad This SS13








It’s not only me who’s jumped on the low-heel bandwagon, and our acceptance of them has not just come from nowhere. The SS13 catwalk season saw designers including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacob, Miu Miu, Dries Van Noten and shoe- god Nicholas Kirkwood all roll out their versions of low heeled beauties. Monochrome pencil-pointed ones from Vuitton, crystal-heeled ones at Miu Miu and triangular stepped-heel pumps from Kirkwood. Following suit, the high-street got in on the act, nervously setting out their stock wondering what we’d all make of them suggesting we go low, then happily watching the money roll in when they realised this is one of the hottest trends for this summer.

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The Kitten heel is now but a thing of the past. Now we have block low heels, slingbacks and court shoes to replace them in every colour and pattern under the sun. Yes, the low block heel may be the Queen’s favourite shoe, but it’s also favoured by the likes of Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung. And the faithful court shoe seems surgically attached to the Duchess of Cambridge, who must adore their low height when she has to walk round all day doing the royal duties.

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It seems that women have grown to like wearing low heels because they are distinctly ‘lady-like’. Speaking from experience, they really do make you feel elegant. Their dainty aesthetic and little heel is still flattering enough for your legs to look good, but with the added bonus of actually being comfortable and ‘ walk-able’ in. I don’t think there are many women that can deny taking off their skyscraper heels at the end of a loooong night and walking barefoot home. With a low heel, you can walk/dance/ skip/ break-dance to your heart’s content. And they’re incredibly versatile and practical. You can dress them up in the evening, or go shopping in them during the day. It’s a free for all!

Check out Zara and H&M for on-trend yet on on-budget low heels. Another excuse to go shopping? Yes please!

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