1920’s Great Gatsby Glamour- Out With The New In With The Old

1920's Fashion is back!

1920’s Fashion is back!






Trends-they’re what keeps the fashion cycle turning and what keeps the world of fashion so exciting and fast-paced. They also largely contribute to our empty bank balances by the end of each month! This season we were introduced to trends including sports luxe, metallics and neons, and next season we will be sure to see a whole new load of looks welcomed into the fashion family.

But there is one trend that refuses to phase out when a new season rolls in. And this trend is vintage. These days the definition of vintage is becoming increasingly blurred. Some people like to stick to the definition of vintage as being a second hand garment from a previous era, some like to use the term  for a new garment which is based on an old one, and some just like to call it vintage if it has a hole in it (ahem, Joey Essex). Whatever your definition, old garments and accessories are still very much on the fashion scene and can often make the difference between an outfit which scores 9/10, and one which scores full marks for originality!

And what better time to talk about Vintage, what with the hugely anticipated release of the The Great Gatsby, a film full of wonderfully glamorous 1920’s fashion. I’m a firm believer of reading the book before viewing the film but I may have to pass this time because I’m so desperate to see the film! Leading up to this big film release, the catwalk shows were also celebrating the 1920’s fashion trend, from the beaded and tasselled flapper frocks, masses of ostrich feathers and drop-waisted dresses which all appeared in collections including Gucci, Marchesa, Etro and Sonia Rykiel. If its on the big screen and the catwalk, you know you’re onto a sure-fire hit!

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So how do you work the 1920’s look into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’ve raided a fancy dress box? It’s actually very easy! The 1920’s fashion embraced opulence and glamour. The key was in the texture (think luxury furs, silk and satin). Detailing was also of paramount importance- tassels, jewels and embellishment were popular, infact anything that would catch people’s eyes and look good when moving (boy, they loved to dance in the 1920’s!) Statement jewellery is the perfect way to work 1920’s into an everyday outfit. Think pearls (the traditional failsafe), delicate headpieces and big jewelled rings.  If you’re going to choose a bracelet, choose several at once. They loved to go big or go home where jewellery was concerned.

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Dress-wise, flapper dresses are the most obvious choice. I absolutely LOVE drop-waist dresses. They make a refreshing change from wearing tight bodycon dresses and the like out. I think there is something very cute and innocent about them! Tasselled dresses are also a flattering option to go for, just make sure you can shake it like Shakira to make maximum impact from your tassells!

So whilst I love a new trend or two (or three), sometimes its more effective to look back instead of forward for your next look. 🙂

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