Trainers Fit For The Fashion World







Trainers are many things- sporty, comfortable, active…. but would you ever rush to describe them as ‘fashionable’? With the exception of a few pairs, I would hasten to answer with ‘Hmmm’.  The fashion world is known for subverting the uses of many garments of clothing, but now they’ve taken the trainer shoe for their own, putting a spin on it to make them acceptable to wear with a fashionable outfit when you may not be doing any sport. Outrageous!

Milan Street Style- Isabel Marant

Milan Street Style- Isabel Marant








More specifically, we are talking about the wedge trainer for fashion-forward ladies. Worn by the likes of Beyonce, Kate Bosworth and Lana Del Rey, you can probably already tell that it’s a versatile look that can work with almost any kind of style. Wedge trainers look particularly amazing with an urban look (see Beyonce looking effortlessly cool as usual), or a rather boho look ( Kate Bosworth wears her trainers with a floaty skirt).

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They were also all over the catwalk, contrasting wonderfully with pretty dresses and completing the sport luxe looks that were everywhere. Miss Cara Delevingne perfectly shows us the transistion of fashion trainer from catwalk to real life- I love how she dresses up her trainers with a sleek black suit.

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The wedge trainers that everybody wanted on their perfectly pedicured feet were the Isabel Marant versions, but for those that can’t afford that hefty designer price tag, there are high street copies everywhere! I found some great classic black wedge trainers with a tan sole in Topshop, which I may just have to purchase on the weekend! I would wear with my grey maxi dress with slits up the side to show off the trainers, or with simple skinnies and a baggy t-shirt. Infact, I may as well just go buy them right now! Laters!

* Wedge Trainer disclaimer- do NOT wear for actual sport, fashion purposes only! 😛 *

The much sought after Isabel Marant Wedges

The much sought after Isabel Marant Wedges


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