My New Favourite Best Friend/ Brand- Pull & Bear

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Does a shopping trip ever feel like Groundhog Day for you? Drive into town, park car, walk, turn left, head into Mango, then H&M, then Topshop, then Zara. Maybe stop for a Krispee Kreme doughnut for fuel…not maybe, always. Whilst I will NEVER bore of these high street beauties, sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little with a new brand. After all, what’s better than discovering new clothes?!

So this week I have decided to blog about a new brand that I have been loving recently- Pull & Bear. Not familiar? Spanish brand Pull & Bear is part of the Inditex family- one of the worlds’ leading fashion distributors. Pull & Bear has a sister in Zara- good genes then! P&B is currently experiencing rapid international expansion- its big in Europe and will soon be bigger here in the UK  with new stores scheduled to open (closest to me is Cabots Circus in Bristol-yaaaaay). So why should you invest your precious fashion time in this brand?


It’s very bad for your wallet, but very good for your fashion happiness when you end up immediately adding clothes to your basket upon your very first visit to a website. This is precisely what happened seconds after I typed ‘Shop Pull & Bear’ into Google. Opps. But straight away, I could see that I liked Pull & Bear’s brand identity a lot.

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Like Zara, Pull & Bear has an edge on other high street brands due to its rapid response to market demands- new merchandise twice a week! This is brilliant for fashionistas who are always looking for new trends to invest in. And with two collections for men and women to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.

There are clothes for the younger generation, and clothes for older consumers who are looking for classic styles as well as innovative ones. I love the laid-back feel of the brand, refreshing compared to some of the bold try-hard brands currently out there….I’m not naming any names! Oh….  and did I also mention the clothes are amazingly cheap?! Don’t panic, they won’t dissolve in the middle of the street on your second wear, P&B pride themselves on fashion, price and quality.

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So why not take a look at Pull & Bear’s website today and see if anything takes your fancy? My favourite pieces are shown below. I hate to be a bad influence on your funds but it’s just got to be done.  It’s time to welcome a new brand into the high street family! Hurrah!


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