Great Scot! AW13 Trend- Tartan

When it comes to my own fashion style, there are a few ‘no-go’ areas which I like to stick by. Whole neon outfits, zebra print, stripper shoes, Clark’s shoes…. and then the big one, tartan. I have managed to avoid wearing tartan for my entire life, that’s 24 years people, quite impressive! My main hesitation with tartan is that it is quite a crazy pattern to wear as ‘fashion’. When I think of it, I think of kilts (obviously) or a punk rock look.

But I think my ‘avoid tartan at all costs’ rule is soon to become void . Not that I’m impressionable or anything but tartan is soon to become everywhere this AW with it appearing all over the catwalk at the AW13 fashion weeks. Longtime lovers of tartan McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have some new acquaintances! Gucci, Moschino, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, Celine…breath…. all showcased their modern takes on tartan this year. And they’ve managed to convert pretty much the entire fashion world where this pattern is concerned.

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These fashion power houses have reinvented tartan for modern-day life- it’s not only traditional green and red designs on the scene. They’ve used pretty pastel colours and neutrals, giving the pattern a much more sleek and sophisticated feel. It also makes it easier for us to incorporate into our wardrobes- tartan is a look not known for fitting in easily with other patterns, colours and styles. It likes to stand alone!  Saying that, for those that love to make a bold statement and have that admirable brave style combined with no fashion fears, the traditional tartan is still very much available to those who want it.

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And there is good news for high-street lovers. There are some amazing tartan designs which have filtered down from the catwalk to our favourite shops. Next, F&F (Tesco) and Primark all have strong AW13 designs, from pretty dresses, to checked trousers and statement winter coats.

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My favourite high-street shop Zara has some beautiful tartan creations which have helped me change my opinion on tartan. I also found an absolute bargain in the Zara sale- a pair of tartan checked cropped trousers for £9.99! I’ll wear them with black heels and a crisp white shirt for smart occasions or under a chunky winter coat when winter falls upon us. What tartan piece will you invest in this AW?


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