This Week’s Lust List At LottieBeth- Teddy Bear Coats & Cardys

If you’re a lady who loves her fashion, then chances are you have a ‘wish-list’ or a ‘lust-list’. Whatever you want to call it, it’s usually a looooong list of pretty things which you would love to get your mitts on! And the chances are a lot of these items are on the more expensive end of the fashion spectrum. It’s good to dream isn’t it!

Still on my wish-list!

Still on my wish-list!










This week I ventured into town (very dangerous as pay-day is not until next week) and triumphed in not only resisting buying anything, but also spotting some great AW13 trends already available for us to snap up. The look that particularly caught my eye was cute, bold and incredibly fluffy! Whether in jumper, cardigan or coat form, oversized and fluffy is the combo to go for this winter. And it’s no surprise as designers including Louis Vuitton, Carven, Topshop Unique and J JS LEE debuted their beautiful creations on the catwalk  for us to promptly add to our lust-lists.

JS Lee ticks the boxes for fluffy and oversized

JS Lee ticks the boxes for fluffy and oversized

I saw some purse-friendly bargains in H&M and Primark during my outing which I will definitely be returning for come pay-day, but here are my luxury wants! This Carven wool coat is my favourite. I love the softness from the wool which clashes with the chunky oversized shape. For £830, you would really have to love it to get it!

Carven Wool Coat £830

Carven Wool Coat £830









If you want to score serious fashion points this winter, then choose a design in princess pink, the colour of the season. You’re going to look so cute! What’s on your lust list this AW13?


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