Bristol blogging and charity shop shopping!

Hello bloggers!

I’ve been living in Bristol for just over a year now, and it’s taught me so much style wise. If you haven’t ever visited Bristol, let me sum it up for you…

Bristol is probably the most chilled out city I’ve come across in the UK (not the traffic, but the people!) What I love about Bristol is the different areas which together make up an eclectic and vibrant city. You have Clifton with it’s majestic houses, parks and luxury boutiques, then you have Stokes Croft with it cool bohemian vibes and creative graffiti walls, and not forgetting the harbourside with it’s trendy water side bars and restaurants.

The chilled out vibe of Bristol translates through to the style of the city. Here people aren’t afraid to wear whatever they want which I find really refreshing in a world where fashion is hugely dictated to us. Don’t get me wrong, I love following trends and reading fashion magazines to find out what’s in, but it’s nice to see a mix of trends and peoples own personal creativeness.

One of my favourite past times in Bristol is charity shop shopping. There’s nothing more gratifying that rooting through the rails and finding that amazing designer piece. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been on the lookout for a vintage Chanel bag just casually sitting in with all the other bags, miraculously unnoticed by anyone else and on sale for a tenner- I can keep dreaming I think!

I am lucky enough to work on Gloucester Road, voted one of the best roads for independent shopping in Europe. It is chock- full of charity shops which I always have a browse in on my lunch breaks. Today on my day off I had a wander around to see if I could scout out any bargains and I’m pleased to say that I found three!

In SHELTER, a wonderful charity which supports homeless people in the UK, I spotted a genuine Fred Perry green tennis shirt dress, a steal at a tenner! These dresses usually retail at around £60 so I felt pretty smug as it was in pristine condition. It’s not my usual style but I just couldn’t leave it! I would style with converse and a backpack for a casual sport-luxe look.

I was also lucky enough to find two lambswool Ralph Lauren jumpers for both under ten pounds- Result! These should last years and I’m a sucker for anything cable knit.

So all in all, a very successful charity-shopping trip and better still, some money well spent that will go to a great charity 🙂 I hope to make a regular thing of charity-shop shopping on my days off and aim to work my way around the whole of Bristol so will keep you updated on any other great finds!


To donate to shelter, go to






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