My new beauty goodies from &OtherStories

Hello all,

Today is one of my well-earned days off. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m always torn between wanting to do absolutely nothing on my day off and just lounge away with Netflix on, or make the most of my time off and head out to explore! Today I’ve decided to do a bit of both. So having got my ballet workout DVD out the way and some ‘life admin’, I thought I’d treat myself to a pamper session with some presents that I recently acquired from some lovely friends and family!

&OtherStories is a brand which not everyone will have heard of but it’s actually the sister company of H&M, a sure fire fave within Britain and indeed the world.

I first properly came across this amazing brand when I visited a store in Barcelona, since then I’ve always tried to pop into the London one when I’m up that way. The brand identity for this company is soooo up my street! Sophisticated and a bit edgy, the clothes look like they could come from a high fashion boutique but with much nicer prices, and the jewellery and toiletries are just as luxurious.

The setup of the website mixes and matches similarly themed products with each other in ‘little stories’ rather than just pages of products in lines- have a look for yourself, I think it works so well and gives you a bit more inspiration.

My sister recently bought me some pampering goodies from there- I am obsessed with the zesty lemon scent of the body lotion and the lip balm works really well overnight, especially at the moment with the cold weather- chapped lips are never a good look!



And if I wasn’t lucky enough, one of my very dear London based friends popped instore and treated me to an absolutely stunning silver ring and elegant little bracelet. They are me down to a tee as I’m quite picky with jewellery- I rarely wear it but when I do it needs to be subtle and elegant 🙂

Have a gander in store and on the website- thoroughly recommended by yours truly!






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