The feel good factor of shopping!

So it’s mid month and therefore not the best time for shopping….bills have gone out and other grown up things, leaving little room for luxuries 😦

I have attempted to go a month here or there without buying any clothes but the result is always the same- I crumble and go on a huge clothes binge which usually ends in me becoming extremely defensive over my purchases- ‘but it was reduced’, ‘I needed this’, and my boyfriend’s personal favourite ‘but it’s lambswool!’

It’s clear that clothes are a necessity to me (even if I have to toast for tea every day the week before payday). And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This leads me on to the main message of this blogpost- despite the costs of my shopping trips, they really do make me happy! They’re a welcome break from working full-time (even though I work in a beautiful boutique), and I get real pleasure from picking out new outfits ready for the next season.

Today I had a highly successful and enjoyable shopping trip in the sun in Bristol. I bought into a couple of spring trends including yellow and patterned trousers, and also found my ‘bargain of the day’ in the form of a white sheepskin waistcoat from ZARA, reduced to just £16 from £60. Dream!

Of course I had to find a couple of cheap and cheerful buys to fool myself into thinking I’d spent hardly anything- these came in the form of a couple of basic striped tees from Primark. I couldn’t be happier that stripes are here to stay!

So at the risk of sounding like a bad influence, I really do believe that shopping is healthy for the mind and soul… Maybe not the wallet…






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