Christmas Dressing All Wrapped Up

It’s November payday, which means no more money until Christmas- slight panic! Definitely time to get shopping for some Christmas outfits before the money pot runs out I think!

The annual Christmas parties are fast-approaching, as is your opportunity to impress family and friends as well as work colleagues (who may only ever see you in work getup) with your excellent style.



With an overwhelming choice of garments on the high street at the moment, its easy to get bogged-down with endless options- should you go metallic, maxi, lace, floral?! And even when you’ve chosen which look to go for, you then have to pick a style which will flatter your shape and show you off at your best.

Well fear not, because I’ve found a dress thats available all over the high street at the moment, and which is universally flattering to all shapes. This year, its all about the wrap dress, and it’ll work Christmas miracles on you! 🙂

We’ve got Diane Von Furstenburg to thank for this wonderful style of dress for it was she that pioneered it is the 70’s and turned it into a timeless classic and a symbol of sophistication and sexiness. So how is the wrap dress so universally flattering and why will it work for you? I’m going to look at a few different body shapes to show you….

The Curvy Lady. 

The beauty of the fit of a wrap dress is that it clings to the curves that woman want people to see. For curvy women, their assets are their waists and bust. The plunging V neckline of a wrap dress draws attention to their cleavage (but importantly in a classy way as it is still covered up) whilst the ‘v’ shape slims, and the ‘wrapping’ style of the dress cinches in around their waists. The result- a perfect hourglass figure. As the images show below, you can choose the level of glamour you want to achieve with different wrap dresses. All show off their waists and busts well, but Kim and Beyonce choose to amp up their sex appeal with some slits and a bit of leg!

The Petite Lady.

Just as the wrap enhances a curvy lady’s assets, it can create beautiful curves on a little shape whilst still showing off lovely petite features.  Kate Middleton must have a wardrobe dedicated to wrap dresses alone, and is often seen rocking one at official or casual events. Opting for  long-sleeved, patterned, mid knee styles this look is sophisticated but stylish- perfect for a representative of modern royalty!

As Poppy and Nicole show, wrap dresses work wonders at creating more shape for those with boyish figures. Just the same as with curvy ladies, a wrap dress automatically cinches in at the waist and plunges down in a V shape creating a cleavage. Using graphic prints and voluminous materials are textbook ways of adding curves and shape to an ‘up and down’ physique. Delicate petite features such as elegant ankles, slender arms and shoulders still shine through.

The Apple shaped Lady.

For ladies who are conscious about their tummy, wrap dresses are a great way to dress up glamorously whilst still feeling comfortable and confident. Wear your wrap the same way as everyone else, but look out for styles which cinch in at the sides rather than at the front where you may feel self-conscious. Combine with a dark-coloured slimming belt and pop on a blazer over. Apple-shaped ladies often have lovely long legs so why not be a bit daring and opt for a slit, this way all the attention will be drawn to one of your best assets!

Hopefully I have convinced you that the wrap dress is a great option to go for if you’re struggling to find something lovely to wear over the festive season, it’s a look that ticks all the boxes for me- flattering, stylish and fun! I’ll finish off with some of my favourite wrap-dress looks.

If you would like styling help over the festive season, visit my website for more information. Happy shopping!



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