Monthly Archives: December 2015

Pom Pom Perfection

Eek, Christmas is so nearly here! It only seems like yesterday that I was tutting at seeing Christmas merchandise out on the shelves well before Halloween had even arrived, and now its only a couple of weeks away!

I’m sure you’ve all been shopping for loved ones more than for yourself at the moment- as hard as that is when there are so many pretty things in the shops at the moment! But I thought I’d fit in a quick blog post about the perfect furry winter accessory for you which can instantly transform a fairly ordinary outfit into a fun and stylish one. It’s the cute little pom pom!

I’ve seen a lot of ladies adorning their handbags with these fluffy creations recently and think that they make for the perfect little accessory.


But my all-time favourite place to find a pom pom in an outfit is on a pair of shoes!

This is such a playful and stylish look, and shows that as extravagant as pom poms are perceived to be, they can still look chic and sophisticated when used in accessorising. At this time of year in particular, I think snow white pom poms look fab whether on handbags, on shoes or on garments.


And great news…you can get hands on and DIY with pom poms. Do you have a plain old pair of shoes which could do with a new breath of life? Why not purchase some pom poms and add them on? You’ll get a new pair of shoes for basically nothing!

How would you wear pom poms? Would you go for a handbag accessory, a traditional bobble hat or would you go full throttle and incorporate pom poms into your whole outfit?