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The Dangers Of Sale Shopping!

Happy 2016 everyone! So this is the traditional time for us all to start feeling guilty about our Christmas binging and think about how we can fulfil the ‘New Year, New Me‘ saying. Wardrobes are ruthlessly sorted through, gym memberships started and healthy eating regimes embarked upon.


Conveniently at this time when we are feeling motivated and ready for an image overhaul, all of the shops have gone into sale mode, enticing us to spend our Christmas money on bargains and ‘can’t leave behind‘ reduced pieces to help with our image makeover. We all love a good bargain, myself included, but sale shopping can be dangerous and expensive-despite the fact you think you are saving money! So I’ve thought of three questions that you should always ask yourself before making that sale purchase.

Will the item work with what is already in my wardrobe?

Sale shopping is a hugely competitive sport for us ladies- who can find the best item on the rail, who can make the most savings, and who can brag the most about what they managed to salvage from the piles of clothes being rifled through by dozens of women at the same time!

When looking for sale buys, always think about what you already have in your wardrobe and if the item you want to buy will go with some or even the majority of your wardrobe. If you don’t think about what you already own, you’ll just end up having to buy more items that will go with the sale item that you just purchased. No savings there then!

As a general rule for myself, neutral items and wardrobe staples such as jeans, jersey tops and knitwear will always work for me and are therefore things which I try to scout out in sales.


Is this item too ‘trendy’? 

This might sound like a bit of a funny question, but one of the biggest mistakes a sale shopper can make is buying into trends too much. Sale items are often made up largely from fashion items from the previous season which have gone unsold leaving lots of excess stock.

There is no point buying something that is likely to quickly go out of fashion just because its price has been dramatically slashed. As mentioned in point 1 too, a trend item is less likely to go with a lot of your current wardrobe too.

A good question to also ask yourself is why is there so much of an item in the sale in the first place? From my understanding of working in retail, lots of items end up in sale due to unpopularity or a fit problem, so always ask yourself why you think that irresistible item has been reduced so much.

Maybe that neon fringed jacket should stay on the rails and not end up gathering dust in your wardrobe!!


Do I already own a garment like this? 

Its all too easy to get carried away in the moment when sale shopping. On a number of occasions I have returned home pleased as punch with a new sale buy, only to discover the following week when going through my drawers that I own a near-same piece that I’d forgotten about!

With some things, owning a couple of the same can be beneficial. I seem to have a never-ending pile of striped tops, but as I wear these on a near every-day basis, this would be a great sale find for me!


Sale-shopping in a fun and often therapeutic activity which we all love to indulge in. To ensure you are actually keeping control of your purse-strings and not losing money always remember  your current clothes before handing over any cash and always ask yourself ‘do I really need this?‘. Whereas men are typically functional shoppers, ladies are emotional shoppers and will go with their heart over head. As much as I hate to say it, perhaps we should take some tips from the men when sale-shopping!?

Some of the best items of clothing in my wardrobe have been sale-buys so I will never stop sale-shopping, I just need to make sure I keep a clear head when doing so 😛