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Top Trousers 

After a couple of exciting but rather tiring weeks of moving house, I’ve finally had time to sit down and blog about my favourite subject again- fashion! I can never stay away too long! 

Following on from my blog post about what top styles we should be wearing for our body shape (which I’m chuffed to say got readers from all over the globe), this week I thought I’d move on to trouser shapes. 

Trousers are our everyday favourites. Easy to pull on and versatile enough to wear in the day through to the evening, I’m sure you’ve got a fair few pairs in your wardrobe yes? 

Although we may all own a lot of pairs of trousers, a large majority of women do confess that they find trouser buying the hardest out of all the garment types. 

The problem with trousers is that whilst they may look amazing from one angle, from another they may not look as good. They can also stunt our height and widen our appearance-boooo. Alternatively, they can lengthen our legs and slimline our figure- yippee! 

So what trouser types should you be wearing for your shape? 

The Bootleg Jean- Universally Flattering. 

Let’s start with the best first. If you’re anything like me, jeans will be at the top of your trouser list. I wear them almost every day and have all the styles from A-Z in every shade of denim. Their practicality is hard to beat. 

The best style for flattering your body shape is undeniably the bootleg Jean. 

The relaxed shape of the bootleg jean will do wonders for your figure, balancing everything out and not clinging on to anything that you don’t want them to. 

This style works well for ladies with bigger thighs and a tummy, because the top of the jean skims over you and the slight a-line cut at the bottom of the jean makes everything appear thinner whilst still maintaining a lovely shape. 

They also work well for petite ladies, giving them them curves to play with. 

Cropped Trousers. 

Cropped trousers are a great style for ladies with skinny legs and a bigger upper body (Apple shapes) who are looking to show off their lovely legs. 

Cropped trousers will show off elegant ankles and if you are very tall, can shorten your appearance slightly. 

The main thing to watch with cropped trousers is that the trouser doesn’t stop and cut off across the widest part of your calf, as this will widen the appearance of your legs.

 If you are larger on your bottom and thigh choose a slightly wider style and ensure it finishes just below your calf. 

As the ladies show above, this style looks fab with elegant heels. 

Wide Fit Trousers. 

This style worn with heels, as long as possible in length, are very flattering especially for ladies who want to disguise bigger thighs. 

Try to find a style with a side fastening as this with lengthen the leg and flatten the tummy. It’ll also make you appear taller. 

Team wide leg trousers with a slim fitting top to create a lovely flattering outfit! 

High-Waisted Trousers. 

This style suits ladies with long legs and little waists. If you are the lucky owner of a washboard stomach, this style teamed with a cropped top will look amazing on you! Or for a smarter look, copy Jessica’s style and tuck in a shirt with some. 

These are just some of the styles that are available to us. When you’re looking for your next pair of trousers, remember these little tips; 

1) Avoid too much detail on trousers such as large pockets if you are bigger on your bottom half as they will add unwanted weight to this section. Alternatively, detail and pockets can add volume to a boyish shape. See Mrs Beckham’s trousers below. 

2) Pleats are common in trousers but are notorious for adding unwanted weight to the thigh area so take care! 

3) Flat-fronted trousers and side fastenings are slimming to the figure. Holly’s flat-fronted, side fastening trousers show off her amazing waist and slim her legs. 

4) The longer the trouser, the more flattering appearance of your figure. As a result of this, heels are a pair of trouser’s best friend! 

5) When shopping, don’t be put off from buying if a pair of trousers are too long or big on the waist. They can easily be altered! Also, when trying on trousers, try to look at them from as many angles as possible to ensure they are right for you. 

Hope this has helped ladies. Happy trouser-shopping 🙂 


Cut It Out! 

Gosh this erratic weather at the moment is really testing our fashion ways! One day we wake to glorious sunshine and the starting signals of spring,then the next day decides to bless us with rain and gales and we’re catapulted back into winter. 

In past years this would traditionally be the time to start transitioning to our spring wardrobes- the shops are certainly sticking to this regime. Window fronts have literally blossomed into spring, with light colours and floral patterns starting to adorn many a mannequin. 

  I’m still finding refuge in my big cosy coats, lined ankle boots and knitwear,though I long for the days where you can go outside without needing a jacket and tights on! 

I’ve recently discovered a great way to still keep warm but bring something new to my spring wardrobe-cut out clothing! 

 Not as weird as it sounds I promise. This trend has been seen on many a celebrity recently and also in both designer and high street collections. Take a traditional knitted garment and simply cut out the shoulders or parts of the sleeve. The result- a trendy twist on an otherwise fairly normal piece of clothing. 

This trend is actually very flattering for all body shapes too, highlighting little sections of the upper body body, breaking up bigger frames or showing off petite frames by highlighting delicate features such as shoulders. Sometimes just the littlest flash of flesh can be more attractive  than showing off a lot of it too! 

Celebrities including Selena Gomez and high street brands such as H&M, New Look and REISS demonstrate how versatile this trend can be using all sorts of clothing styles and colours. 

Selena’s simple black jumper is instantly transformed into a slick and sexy number with just a few choice slashes! Black is a great colour to go for with this trend as it can always be dressed up or down. All you would need to do to the below outfits is to add some heels to take from day to night. 

   As you can see, this trend can easily be worked into all of our everyday wardrobes, and can be used as a fun twist on the everyday knitted jumper.   
Take a look at this outfit idea for the office (or just for a smart trendy look), all from New Look:


And if you like the idea of cut out tops, you can transfer it to a more well-known trend, the ripped or ‘cut out’ jean. Again, a great way to keep your everyday look but add a fun twist. 

And there is no better time to buy, as sales are still going strong in the shops. You can get a cut out garment for a cut price- perfect! 




This Week’s Lust List At LottieBeth- Teddy Bear Coats & Cardys

If you’re a lady who loves her fashion, then chances are you have a ‘wish-list’ or a ‘lust-list’. Whatever you want to call it, it’s usually a looooong list of pretty things which you would love to get your mitts on! And the chances are a lot of these items are on the more expensive end of the fashion spectrum. It’s good to dream isn’t it!

Still on my wish-list!

Still on my wish-list!










This week I ventured into town (very dangerous as pay-day is not until next week) and triumphed in not only resisting buying anything, but also spotting some great AW13 trends already available for us to snap up. The look that particularly caught my eye was cute, bold and incredibly fluffy! Whether in jumper, cardigan or coat form, oversized and fluffy is the combo to go for this winter. And it’s no surprise as designers including Louis Vuitton, Carven, Topshop Unique and J JS LEE debuted their beautiful creations on the catwalk  for us to promptly add to our lust-lists.

JS Lee ticks the boxes for fluffy and oversized

JS Lee ticks the boxes for fluffy and oversized

I saw some purse-friendly bargains in H&M and Primark during my outing which I will definitely be returning for come pay-day, but here are my luxury wants! This Carven wool coat is my favourite. I love the softness from the wool which clashes with the chunky oversized shape. For £830, you would really have to love it to get it!

Carven Wool Coat £830

Carven Wool Coat £830









If you want to score serious fashion points this winter, then choose a design in princess pink, the colour of the season. You’re going to look so cute! What’s on your lust list this AW13?

My New Favourite Best Friend/ Brand- Pull & Bear

images (2)





Does a shopping trip ever feel like Groundhog Day for you? Drive into town, park car, walk, turn left, head into Mango, then H&M, then Topshop, then Zara. Maybe stop for a Krispee Kreme doughnut for fuel…not maybe, always. Whilst I will NEVER bore of these high street beauties, sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little with a new brand. After all, what’s better than discovering new clothes?!

So this week I have decided to blog about a new brand that I have been loving recently- Pull & Bear. Not familiar? Spanish brand Pull & Bear is part of the Inditex family- one of the worlds’ leading fashion distributors. Pull & Bear has a sister in Zara- good genes then! P&B is currently experiencing rapid international expansion- its big in Europe and will soon be bigger here in the UK  with new stores scheduled to open (closest to me is Cabots Circus in Bristol-yaaaaay). So why should you invest your precious fashion time in this brand?


It’s very bad for your wallet, but very good for your fashion happiness when you end up immediately adding clothes to your basket upon your very first visit to a website. This is precisely what happened seconds after I typed ‘Shop Pull & Bear’ into Google. Opps. But straight away, I could see that I liked Pull & Bear’s brand identity a lot.

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Like Zara, Pull & Bear has an edge on other high street brands due to its rapid response to market demands- new merchandise twice a week! This is brilliant for fashionistas who are always looking for new trends to invest in. And with two collections for men and women to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.

There are clothes for the younger generation, and clothes for older consumers who are looking for classic styles as well as innovative ones. I love the laid-back feel of the brand, refreshing compared to some of the bold try-hard brands currently out there….I’m not naming any names! Oh….  and did I also mention the clothes are amazingly cheap?! Don’t panic, they won’t dissolve in the middle of the street on your second wear, P&B pride themselves on fashion, price and quality.

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So why not take a look at Pull & Bear’s website today and see if anything takes your fancy? My favourite pieces are shown below. I hate to be a bad influence on your funds but it’s just got to be done.  It’s time to welcome a new brand into the high street family! Hurrah!


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