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Fashion for all ages at M&S 

My favourite fashion season has finally arrived! And as much as I’m missing my summer tan and the light evenings, I am and always will be an Autumn Fashion Girl.

Pairs of boots, big chunky coats and cosy knitwear are my kryptonite when shopping, so as you can imagine, Autumn can be an expensive season! 

If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the last couple of years, it is to shop around. You don’t have to shop in expensive places to look amazing in your Autumn wardrobe. 

Of course, it’s definitely advisable to make some more expensive ‘investment’ purchases, mostly for the reason that you will get your money’s worth and these pieces will last you many years to come. These usually come in the form of coats and boots. 

But the odd bargain can work wonders for your wardrobe- it’s amazing how many compliments I’ve got from primark jumpers and dresses. 

Now that the AW16 collections have launched in the shops, I’ve been having a nosy at what they’ve all got to offer and thought I’d do a quick blog post about the new M&S women’s range which I was pleasantly surprised at! 

I’ve blogged about M&S before (https://lottiebeth.wordpress.com/tag/marks-and-spencer/) and now shop in there regularly. It definitely wouldn’t have been somewhere that I’d have thought to shop before but I’m pretty hooked now! It’s a hard thing to do but M&S have managed to appeal to women of all ages with their ranges. 

Cool Workwear. 

A lot of the AW collection focuses on classic pieces with a stylish edge added on. If you’re looking for some more stylish outfit ideas to ‘shuzzz’ up your office wear then this is the place to shop. 

I love this pretty blouse with a flared sleeve and also these wool ankle grazers which look great with shiny patent. 

You don’t have to wear crazy colours to make your outfits more interesting- it’s all about being experimental with styles and cuts. These wide cut trousers may make you wary at first, but paired with a slim fitting polo neck, it would make a really sophisticated but stylish work outfit. Buttons are also a key feature for AW16 so this military style jacket would surely go down well! 

Fun Coats. 

A staple coat is a must on everyone’s autumn winter list. It’s great to have some capsule coats, such as a plain black one or a parka, but a fun coat always goes down well in the fashion world! My advice with ‘Fun’ coats are to not go for anything ridiculously ‘trendy’, as the point of trends are that they will fade away to make way for a new one. Go for patterns that will stay popular such as leopard print or houndstooth. 


Great news for high-heel lovers-the new range of M&S shoes are all made with ‘Insolia’ technology, which redistributes weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability. As a lady who sometimes has to wear heels all day, this sounds like a god send quite frankly! 

I can’t wait to try out some heels (I have my eyes on the leopard print boots), and maybe I’ll do a blog review to let you know how I get on. 

I’ve touched on just a few pieces of the collection, but hopefully I’ve inspired you to take a look in the shops or on the website. Come payday I’ll be looking to buy a cosy wrap and a leather midi skirt (last year’s suede version sold out and there was a waiting list!) 

What do you think of M&S clothing? And will you be buying any of their collection this Autumn? 


Necklines Nailed. 

Tops- we wear them everyday in all different styles, but are you really aware of what your neckline is doing for you and your body shape? 

It may sound rather trivial but your neckline can determine how good you look! Get it right, you’re showing off your best assets to perfection, but choose incorrectly and the wrong style can emphasise something you’d rather disguise and ultimately leave you unhappy with your outfit choice. 

So what necklines should you be wearing for your shape? 

The Round Neck.

Olivia Palermo

Let’s start off with the hardest one- the round neck top is a common choice with us all. The biggest issue with round neck tops is how they can highlight big or small busts and also our necks! 

If you’re big busted, round neck tops can make you appear square, and if you’re small-busted, they can highlight a flatter chest.

Round (crew) necks are ultimately most suited to slim ladies with long elegant necks (Olivia Palermo we salute you!)

If you still want to keep a round neckline in your wardrobe though, the best style to opt for is a scoop neck. This lower neckline flatters your bust and also shows off just below your collarbone and mid chest- the last area of a woman to age! 

The V Neck. 
One of my absolute favourites, and should be yours too as it flatters most body shapes! 

The degree of ‘V’ that you choose to opt for basically depends on your face shape. If you have a longer face and neck, go for a shallow V, otherwise your features may be drawn out. Alternatively, if you have a rounder shaped face and shorter neck, go for a longer V. This will slim your face and lengthen your neck. 

Blake Lively

Good news for big busted women too- a V neck style will slim down your upper body and also flaunt your assets! 
The Polo Neck. 

The polo neck can be slimming and incredibly chic, but the main thing to remember when wearing a polo neck is to wear a well-fitted bra underneath as the fitted shape of most polo neck tops can be unforgiving! 

An oversized polo knit jumper in winter looks amazing, just make sure your bottom half is fitted to balance out the chunky knit on top. 

Victoria Beckham

The Wrap Top. 

My current favourite, much like the V neck top, a wrap top flatters pretty much all body shapes, drawing the eyes down in a slimming fashion and gathering in at the waist to create a lovely curved shape. Looks amazing in dress form too. 

The Tailored Shirt. 

The smartest neckline in town, the shirt style makes for an excellent framing device for your face with its collar. The fitted style of a shirt also creates a waist (or the illusion of one), and disguises a tummy. It can also create the illusion of a bust.

 For big busted ladies, make sure the buttons don’t pull across your chest, or wear a camisole under a shirt and wear your shirt slightly open as an alternative. 

Hopefully you’ve identified a couple of styles for yourself, it’s amazing the difference a lil ol’ neckline can achieve after all! 

Grey for a summer’s day?! 

The colour grey doesn’t traditionally conjure up exciting images does it? Rain clouds, concrete, that terrible book…it’s not really up there in the ranks of most popular shades to wear. But then again, black doesn’t conjure up the happiest of images either but is definitely in all of our wardrobes, the favourite shade to dress in to look timeless, sophisticated and slimmer! 

Do you currently own anything grey clothing-wise? Or is it something you’ve never really considered? Maybe you might need some persuading on this front!

Grey is a fantastic shade for so many reasons. Firstly, it suits all skin tones because it comes in (just as the book suggests) over fifty shades! Because of this, it’s so easy to work with and very versatile. Lucky for us the high street seems to have caught on to the grey trend and there is plenty of it there for us to lap up be it clothes, shoes or accessories. 

Grey clothes, accessories and shoes for all!

Grey is a great multi-seasonal neutral shade which can be worn in block (just by itself) for a sophisticated sleek look, or used to bolster and complement other colours. As mentioned, grey is the perfect shade to suit all types of skin tone and will always highlight and show off a tan too. Top marks! 
In summer, teaming with pure white will look amazing and effortlessly stylish. I’m a big fan of midi and maxi skirts at the moment so will definitely be on the lookout for a skirt to replicate these looks below,  finished off with a pair of wedges.

Grey is suitable for both casual and smart occasions too. Whether you want to wear it on the office, for a day out shopping or to a wedding or other special event, the high street has a lot to offer, from short suits, to Grecian style dresses and jersey t-shirt dresses. 

Casual summer days

Special Occasion Dressing

Stylish Workwear

If all-grey outfits are just not you, then you can always use grey to complement and highlight brighter colours which you already have in your wardrobe to show them off at their best. 

This beautiful coral Reiss shirt dress looks amazing with these grey accessories – either as a daytime  look with the flats or a pretty evening look with the heels. 

Or check out this feminine jumpsuit (also from Reiss) which looks fab with deep red and gold accessories. The perfect outfit for a wedding. 

grey and pale pink= perfection

As you can see from my outfit examples, grey works well with all colours and there’s really not one I can think of which wouldn’t go! 

So although perhaps traditionally viewed as a slightly bland shade to wear, I think you’ll agree that grey can be transformed into a flattering, feminine and ultra stylish look. Have a peek at these high street offerings below, all available at this very moment, just in time for summer! 🙂    

Will you be investing in any grey-wear this summer? And what colours will you be pairing it with? 

Guilt-Free Shopping? Yes Please! Charity Shop Shopping

‘Champagne tastes on a beer budget’ (make that a water budget) would be a very apt saying to describe my taste in fashion.  As you may have seen on my blog, I like to review the latest trends and celebrity looks and this usually results in me lusting after various luxury designer pieces. Mulberry clutches, Dior dresses and Burberry trenches all feature in my dream wardrobe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But the high street is home when it comes to fashion for me, and I love it! Like the majority of girls my age, this is where we pick out our birthday and graduation dresses, our first date frocks and our holiday outfits. Our everyday jeans cost on average £40 compared to a pair of Victoria Beckham skinnies which would set you back £265. Our heels are a steal at £25 in New Look (making it acceptable to RUIN them on a night out), compared to an £800 pair of Louboutins.

New Look Kelly Brook Heels £24.99

New Look Kelly Brook Heels £24.99

Christian Louboutin Heels, £24.99 + A LOT MORE

Christian Louboutin Heels, £24.99 + A LOT MORE

















Give or take a couple of designer investment pieces and a Mulberry courtesy of my madre, my wardrobe is happily flying the flag for high street. But what about the next level, the humble charity shop piece? How many of us have really given charity shopping a chance? Do we instantly dimiss charity shop clothes as old and dowdy? I’m sure we all have that friend who manages to scout out utter bargains in Primark and look a million dollars in them. The same can definitely apply for charity shop pieces too.

When I went on a daytrip to Bristol this week with my best friend and fellow blogger Jamie (www.allthingsmenswear.com), we of course did the rounds in Cabot Circus but then ventured to Park Street in the Clifton area where we stumbled across a couple of unassuming charity shops. And it was a VERY worthwhile trip! A vintage lilac handbag and some jewellery including a very on-trend monochrome bangle set me back at mere £7. Amazing!

My charity shop buys :)

My charity shop buys 🙂










The common cliché of a charity shop which smells distinctly musty with piles of unwanted clothing all over the floor or hung on broken hangers is but a thing of the past! It’s not only the song ‘Thrift Shop’ that has made second handclothing cool. Oxfam have done wonders for the image of charity shop- shopping too, launching their Oxfam Boutique stores with an emphasis on selling the more designer based donations, but still at charity prices. Making charity shopping acceptable for the mass-market if you will. I’ve been lucky enough to find vintage blouses and brand new and current Topshop knitwear in the Cardiff branch! After visiting Oxfam Boutique, you’re then more likely to check out more and more charity shops. And the charity shop cycle begins!

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Of course it is a case of luck in many circumstances. Some days all you’ll find is a lonely leather glove, other days you may stumble across an amazing vintage frock and a handbag to match (charity shops are amazing for vintage handbags!!) But one thing is for sure- its really fun! And if you persevere and really hunt around,  when you do find your perfect charity shop piece, chances are you‘ll receive more compliments than if you’d just chosen a generic dress from Topshop. And you’re not likely to experience the embarrassing ‘same dress fiasco’ that can occur on nights out. Never is there a more apt moment for a dirty look than there is when two girls see each other in a club in the same dress!

Some of my own previous charity shop triumphs!

Some of my own previous charity shop triumphs!








And let’s not forget the very important fact that you’ll really be helping out a charity with your purchases. Proceeds from your investments will go to amazing causes- definitely guilt-free shopping! That’s what we like to hear. So It’s time to turn to charity  for salvation!