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Why Designer Handbags Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Summer with Mulberry!

Summer with a Mulberry handbag!







When I was very little and went on one of my first holidays to Italy, I remember religiously carrying around a little plastic handbag as if it were surgically attached to me. My most prized possessions had the honour of being carried round in it! Then as I got older I graduated up from toy handbag to actual handbag. My teenage years saw me have a GAP handbag in every colour, and now I go to Zara and Topshop for my ‘grown-up’ versions. I have been lucky enough to inherit some amazing vintage handbags from my mother and grandmother (yay for my little red mulberry!), but my ultimate handbag goal has yet to be achieved- to own my very own designer handbag!

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With the news this week that creative director of Mulberry, and creator of the Alexa and Del Ray designer handbag, Emma Hill will be leaving the brand, I took to thinking about how much of an impact a lil old handbag can make. Yes, it may sound stupid, and i’m pretty sure no boy will ever comprehend their importance to us girls, but designer handbags really are our best friends!

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Emma Hill is widely regarded as being the magic ingredient to Mulberry’s success since 2007. Having previously worked for Burberry, GAP and Marc Jacobs, her CV was already looking preeeety impressive. She heavily used celebrity endorsement to sell her bags (f-row at the Mulberry shows were always celebrity crazy),and perhaps this is a factor as to why we are all so desperate to own a designer bag these days. We want anything that celebrities have. And the celebrities have a planet’s worth of designer handbags between them!

For the Kardashians, it’s the Celine bag. Victoria Beckham had quite the love affair with Hermes handbags. Miranda Kerr loves the classic Vuitton. And Alexa and Lana were more than happy to carry round their bag versions whenever possible. Everyone has their specific dream bag and most girls have a plan in place to acquire one!

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So why the need to own a designer handbag? Yes, we want what the celebs have, but why not just settle for a high-street copy? I think its because owning a designer handbag is an aspirational thing which goes further than having the bag itself. Yes, designer handbags are beautifully crafted, amazing quality and tend to last a lifetime. They make you look sophisticated and rather upmarket. But it’s how you got to owning it. I hear stories all the time about girls using their first proper wage slip to buy a designer handbag. It’s a mark of success. A symbol that you’ve made it! Whether you’ve earnt the money to buy one for yourself or are given one as a gift from a loved one, it will mean something important to you.

Models with Mulberry!






So deep stuff about symbols and aspirations aside, the designer handbag looks set to continue its steady relationship with us girls. Let’s hope that wherever Emma Hill goes, she continues to create some amazing bags for us to lust over and eventually own! I’ll take the one below please! 🙂

Dream Mulberry Bag 2013!


City girl ready for work (in honour of my upcoming intern placement)

City Girl ready for work

Sleeveless shirt

Diane von Furstenberg cropped pants
$435 – stanwells.com

Hermès handbag