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Fashion for all ages at M&S 

My favourite fashion season has finally arrived! And as much as I’m missing my summer tan and the light evenings, I am and always will be an Autumn Fashion Girl.

Pairs of boots, big chunky coats and cosy knitwear are my kryptonite when shopping, so as you can imagine, Autumn can be an expensive season! 

If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the last couple of years, it is to shop around. You don’t have to shop in expensive places to look amazing in your Autumn wardrobe. 

Of course, it’s definitely advisable to make some more expensive ‘investment’ purchases, mostly for the reason that you will get your money’s worth and these pieces will last you many years to come. These usually come in the form of coats and boots. 

But the odd bargain can work wonders for your wardrobe- it’s amazing how many compliments I’ve got from primark jumpers and dresses. 

Now that the AW16 collections have launched in the shops, I’ve been having a nosy at what they’ve all got to offer and thought I’d do a quick blog post about the new M&S women’s range which I was pleasantly surprised at! 

I’ve blogged about M&S before (https://lottiebeth.wordpress.com/tag/marks-and-spencer/) and now shop in there regularly. It definitely wouldn’t have been somewhere that I’d have thought to shop before but I’m pretty hooked now! It’s a hard thing to do but M&S have managed to appeal to women of all ages with their ranges. 

Cool Workwear. 

A lot of the AW collection focuses on classic pieces with a stylish edge added on. If you’re looking for some more stylish outfit ideas to ‘shuzzz’ up your office wear then this is the place to shop. 

I love this pretty blouse with a flared sleeve and also these wool ankle grazers which look great with shiny patent. 

You don’t have to wear crazy colours to make your outfits more interesting- it’s all about being experimental with styles and cuts. These wide cut trousers may make you wary at first, but paired with a slim fitting polo neck, it would make a really sophisticated but stylish work outfit. Buttons are also a key feature for AW16 so this military style jacket would surely go down well! 

Fun Coats. 

A staple coat is a must on everyone’s autumn winter list. It’s great to have some capsule coats, such as a plain black one or a parka, but a fun coat always goes down well in the fashion world! My advice with ‘Fun’ coats are to not go for anything ridiculously ‘trendy’, as the point of trends are that they will fade away to make way for a new one. Go for patterns that will stay popular such as leopard print or houndstooth. 


Great news for high-heel lovers-the new range of M&S shoes are all made with ‘Insolia’ technology, which redistributes weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability. As a lady who sometimes has to wear heels all day, this sounds like a god send quite frankly! 

I can’t wait to try out some heels (I have my eyes on the leopard print boots), and maybe I’ll do a blog review to let you know how I get on. 

I’ve touched on just a few pieces of the collection, but hopefully I’ve inspired you to take a look in the shops or on the website. Come payday I’ll be looking to buy a cosy wrap and a leather midi skirt (last year’s suede version sold out and there was a waiting list!) 

What do you think of M&S clothing? And will you be buying any of their collection this Autumn? 


Emma Roberts- the princess of clashing patterns and boho vibes. đŸ’œđŸ’›đŸ’œ

She’s the niece of Julia Roberts so her beauty is anticipated even before you’ve seen her- Emma Roberts is one of Hollywood’s most talented young ladies at the moment and is fast becoming not only known for her sterling acting skills, but also for her confident and fun fashion style. Think tomboy and girly girl at the same time- impressive! 


What I love about Emma’s style is how laid back it is when she’s ‘off-duty’. Often heading out in loose fitting floaty numbers paired with scruffy converses or a thrift shop vintage fur coat, Emma has achieved both a casual Californian style and a fun and innovative one.  

Emma is a big fan of effortlessly clashing patterns, particularly leopard print  (one of my personal favourites). I love how she successfully combines things that you would never think would look good together. Who would’ve thought Bart Simpson would look so chic paired with an A-line skirt? 


She clearly loves experimenting with her clothes, and being the Hollywood actress she is, has lots of exciting opportunities and events to attend where she can exercise her style ideas. From Coachella pool parties, to sitting Frow at a fashion show and attending premieres, Emma always manages to execute her wonderful personal style perfectly.


 She’s also a great fan of accessorising, be it with fab fifties shades or a cute (but I’m sure verrrry expensive) designer bag. 

So Emma’s style recipe seems to be find some boho patterns, mix with a little bit of vintage, add a few drops of classic designer, fold in some playful motifs and finish off with a twist of fifties style. et voila! An exciting and refreshing style! Emma has definitely encouraged me to clash and mix up some of my summer outfits! 



Pattern Clashing!

Pattern Clashing!

Mary Katrantzou corset top

$695 – farfetch.com

Theory peplum top
$190 – net-a-porter.com

Warehouse sleeveless top
$43 – johnlewis.com

Midi skirt
$23 – newlook.com


Gucci white shoes
$595 – profilefashion.com

Dolce & Gabbana ballerina shoes
$265 – pret-a-beaute.com

Judith leiber

Leopard bag
$41 – theiconic.com.au

Ashley Madekwe And Her Perfect Wardrobe

I am in awe of Ashley Madekwe. A simple but very true statement! The British actress has shot to fame playing the rather sneaky character of Ashley (convenient) in the hit US show revenge where we  get a glimpse of her natural ability to look beautiful in absolutely anything that she puts on. You may also remember feeling rather envious of her beautiful face and petite frame in ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ where she played ‘Bambi’. Wouldn’t want to end up sat next to her on the tube first thing in the morning lets just say!

Striking a pose in a simple delicate blouse and statement printed shorts

Striking a pose in a simple delicate blouse and statement printed shorts

Denim, pastels and a designer bag- perfect for spring 13!

Denim, pastels and a designer bag- perfect for spring 13!











In Revenge we see her silently plotting to get her own pretty Chanel shoes through the door of the huge Grayson empire, and whilst doing all this plotting, she makes sure she looks the part, in classy short suits, dainty ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ dresses and some powerful colour clashing outfits.

Pretty in pastel pink.

Pretty in pastel pink.










And in real life too, Ashley is one stylish lady. Lucky enough to be able to pull off a versatile wardrobe of looks, Ashley is kind enough to document her style through her very own blog titled ‘Ring My Bell’. Here we see her looking impossibly amazing in something as simple as a cream cable knit jumper and jeans with statement accessories , to more daring outfits which clash patterns and textures such as leopard print with leather.

How can she look so good in something so simple?!

How can she look so good in something so simple?!











And it seems that anything goes for where Ashley’s wardrobe is concerned. In the daytime she is a fan of the simple yet stylish approach, choosing skinny jeans, oversized jumpers, muted colour pallettes, all finished off with quirky designer accessories. Theres also a hint of glam grunge in her wardrobe- leather skater skirts, chunky jewellery,  band t-shirts and beanies all feature.

Leather and red lipstick- winning combination

Leather and red lipstick- winning combination

Leather and neon- a simple outfit made fun

Leather and neon- a simple outfit made fun

Perfect for summer- laser cut and tai-dye

Perfect for summer- laser cut and tai-dye



















Alongside this simple approach also comes a playful adventurous side. She’s clearly a fan of pattern and texture too. Leather with leopard print, tai-dye with laser-cut, its all there!

Style Crush!

Style Crush!








Very much similar to another favourite of mine, Miranda Kerr, Ashley is a fan of the simple aside the playful. So to get a wardrobe like Ashley’s just remember the following;

* Invest in timeless pieces- e.g. a leather jacket, chunky cable knit jumpers and  great quality shoes and bags. These things will always look good.

* Clash things! e.g. Ashley likes to use small bursts of leopard print within a classic outfit.

Ashley spices up a cute outfit with leopard print cuffs and ankle boots

Ashley spices up a cute outfit with leopard print cuffs and ankle boots










* Dress according to your mood. You don’t have to have just one style. One day Ashley is look like a rock star’s girlfriend, the next she looks like she’s attending an exclusive lunch in the Hamptons. It’s fun to have a versatile wardrobe.

For help, you only need turn to Ashley herself for guidance. With several weekly posts of her outfits, you really have no excuse not to follow in her footsteps!