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The midi skirt- anything but midi-ocre 🙊🙊🙊

They say (or rather Yves Saint Laurent famously said), that fashion fades but style is eternal. But I believe that there are definitely a few fashion styles that really have stood the test of time and have brightened rather than faded. 

The LBD, the Bootleg Jean, the Trench Coat…all of these styles have been knocking around for a pretty long time but show no sign of going anywhere. 

I love to see people wearing styles from past eras but with their own modern day twist. This week’s blog post centres around my current favourite fashion piece, the midi skirt- otherwise known as The Social Skirt. A skirt of mid-length, the middle man between a knee length and a full length skirt, the midi skirt tends to end just above the ankle and sits on the waist. 

Here we see the Queen herself rocking an amazing social skirt which flatters by drawing attention to her (tinnnnny) waist  and falling down gracefully, ending around her very slender ankles. And next to her we see actress Sarah Rafferty rocking the same style but several decades on, showing the true fashion presence of this skirt style. 

Now I’m a great jeans-lover, wearing them almost daily for day-time casual or pairing with a nice top and heels for evening glamour. I didn’t own many skirts and didn’t tend to particularly look out for them when I used to go shopping. That has changed! 

 In the last few years there was a real emergence of the ‘maxi-skirt’, the midi length’s longer, bigger sister if you will. This was a result from the popular boho fashion era where long, floaty and floral was the look everyone wanted to emulate to look like Sienna Miller and co. 

I was fully on the maxi bandwagon for a long time and still am, though now I’m mostly style crushing on the midi skirt which I partly discovered through working for L.K Bennett- a fashion brand now  very well known for their signature social skirts. 

Now you may be thinking this style looks fairly hard to pull off and that you have to be a certain body shape or height to wear. That does apply to some extent.

 If you’re tall, you definitely have an advantage as the midi skirt’s longer length does look good when paired with long legs. London blogger ‘London Tall Girl’ Marsha Campbell shows us how amazing tall girls can look in a midi skirt. I love her colourful and playful sense of style- she really knows how to make the most of her skirts. 

If you’re petite, you can still wear midi skirts but must take care that you don’t appear too ‘swamped’ in the garment. Pairing with fitted pieces or pieces which draw the eye down in a straight line can help balance out the fullness that comes with a maxi skirt. 

One of the best body shapes to work with this skirt to flatter and accentuate is the pear shape- the midi skirt will accentuate a little waist, skim over the hips and fall gracefully to the slimmest part of your leg. 

Similarly, hourglass figures look great in this style because of the waist accentuation and for rectangle shape girls, these skirts do well to add more volume and shape to their figure with the fullness of the skirt (pick a patterned skirt to really amp up the volume). Check out these styles from New Look, all under £30! 

I may be biased of course but L.K Bennett really do seem like the forerunners for this skirt style on the high street, creating some beautiful styles with the most amazing patterns and textures. 

These skirts also make a wonderful alternative to dresses for special occasions. You can dress them up or down and are in many ways more versatile than a dress because of this. How many times have you bought a dress for an occasion, promising yourself that you’ll wear it again to get your money’s worth, only to never wear it again as people have already seen you wear it?! 

These skirts can be changed and altered just by what top and accessories you choose to team them with. I’ve seen ladies wear trainers with them, and others incredibly glam Jimmy Choos or Louboutins. 

I have a couple of weddings coming up this year and next so will definitely be investing in some more midi skirts to dress up in. I’m already very proud and astonished at how quickly I’ve managed to accumulate a collection, and very much look forward to continuing to add to it. After all, I highly doubt that this style will fade into obscurity any time soon 😊


Dressing you and your bump- pregnancy fashion!  

I’m fast approaching 28 years on this earth (yikes) and in the last couple of years I’ve seen friends get engaged and get married, move across the country, buy houses and become pregnant! It’s a very exciting time 🙂 

One of my best friends has recently announced her amazing pregnancy news and after a few discussions about her fast-growing bump and having to change her wardrobe to accommodate it, I thought I would write a little blog post about dressing for your pregnancy to both show off your bump but also importantly feel comfortable and of course still look stylish! 

Whether you’re pregnant or not, celebrities can have a huge influence on what you choose to wear. Blake Lively who recently announced her second pregnancy has been in the celebrity spotlight a lot at the moment as she is promoting a new film, giving her lots of opportunities to dress herself and bump up. I love Blake’s style- she’s not afraid to experiment with colour and unusual cuts, and pregnancy does not stop her from continuing with this. 

When she is pregnant, Blake utilises the empire line perfectly, and this is my first tip for pregnant ladies. The empire line is arguably the best style of dress to go for when you’re pregnant. This style has a waistline which starts just under the bust and flows down over the rest of your body, flattering a bump and enhancing your bust (in a good way!). It’s also an incredibly comfy style which is very important for obvious reasons. As you can see, empire lines can feature in many different dress styles, from Grecian-style maxi dresses to stretch midi dresses. 

For a casual day-time summer look, check out this empire line black midi dress from Topshop Maternity. This dress falls down from just under the bust and will give your bump room to grow meaning you can keep wearing it throughout your pregnancy. I’ve paired with some comfortable monochrome espadrilles from Zara and have completed with a pop of bright colour with this LK Bennett bag. 

Kourtney Kardashian embraces her bump with a stretch striped dress, finished off with a colour pop yellow tote. Get the dress at New Look for another daytime outfit. 

Or for a dressier summer look (perhaps for your baby shower), why not go for a maxi dress. I like this New Look One, similar to this lovely lady’s dress at her baby shower which I discovered on Instagram. 

Floral patterns are a great way to dress up your bump for summer and are always available in lots of different patterns and styles. A good way of keeping cool and comfortable but also keeping your style! 

Pretty dresses sorted, now for more practical work and casual fashion. If you work in an office and still need to wear dresses or suits, check out New Look and Next’s maternity wear section (a lot of it currently on sale). Dresses made in comfortable stretch materials in classic colours and patterns. I love the black and white colour block dress which is smart but still shows off your bump! 

And for much-needed relax and down-time, maternity jeans are the one. Elasticated waist for bump, flattering way to still show off your legs for mum! Lots  of high street retailers make them which is great as most of us wear jeans most of the time and being pregnant shouldn’t stop this. I have been told H&M and New Look make some excellent ones. Team with an oversized shirt and some very comfortable flats and voila, stylish mum-to-be look achieved! 

Whilst being pregnant shouldn’t stop you wearing heels, these flats from Toms, Converse and LK Bennett will support your feet keep your feeling comfortable throughout the day. All would look great with any of the below maternity dresses from Topshop for a stylish day-time look. 

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of experiences, and during this time you want to celebrate and show off your bump. Hopefully my tips and suggestions have helped you with your pregnancy wardrobe. If you would like any other tips or guidance with dressing your bump feel free to email me at charlotte@charlottebethstyle.com 


Guilt-Free Shopping? Yes Please! Charity Shop Shopping

‘Champagne tastes on a beer budget’ (make that a water budget) would be a very apt saying to describe my taste in fashion.  As you may have seen on my blog, I like to review the latest trends and celebrity looks and this usually results in me lusting after various luxury designer pieces. Mulberry clutches, Dior dresses and Burberry trenches all feature in my dream wardrobe.

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But the high street is home when it comes to fashion for me, and I love it! Like the majority of girls my age, this is where we pick out our birthday and graduation dresses, our first date frocks and our holiday outfits. Our everyday jeans cost on average £40 compared to a pair of Victoria Beckham skinnies which would set you back £265. Our heels are a steal at £25 in New Look (making it acceptable to RUIN them on a night out), compared to an £800 pair of Louboutins.

New Look Kelly Brook Heels £24.99

New Look Kelly Brook Heels £24.99

Christian Louboutin Heels, £24.99 + A LOT MORE

Christian Louboutin Heels, £24.99 + A LOT MORE

















Give or take a couple of designer investment pieces and a Mulberry courtesy of my madre, my wardrobe is happily flying the flag for high street. But what about the next level, the humble charity shop piece? How many of us have really given charity shopping a chance? Do we instantly dimiss charity shop clothes as old and dowdy? I’m sure we all have that friend who manages to scout out utter bargains in Primark and look a million dollars in them. The same can definitely apply for charity shop pieces too.

When I went on a daytrip to Bristol this week with my best friend and fellow blogger Jamie (www.allthingsmenswear.com), we of course did the rounds in Cabot Circus but then ventured to Park Street in the Clifton area where we stumbled across a couple of unassuming charity shops. And it was a VERY worthwhile trip! A vintage lilac handbag and some jewellery including a very on-trend monochrome bangle set me back at mere £7. Amazing!

My charity shop buys :)

My charity shop buys 🙂










The common cliché of a charity shop which smells distinctly musty with piles of unwanted clothing all over the floor or hung on broken hangers is but a thing of the past! It’s not only the song ‘Thrift Shop’ that has made second handclothing cool. Oxfam have done wonders for the image of charity shop- shopping too, launching their Oxfam Boutique stores with an emphasis on selling the more designer based donations, but still at charity prices. Making charity shopping acceptable for the mass-market if you will. I’ve been lucky enough to find vintage blouses and brand new and current Topshop knitwear in the Cardiff branch! After visiting Oxfam Boutique, you’re then more likely to check out more and more charity shops. And the charity shop cycle begins!

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Of course it is a case of luck in many circumstances. Some days all you’ll find is a lonely leather glove, other days you may stumble across an amazing vintage frock and a handbag to match (charity shops are amazing for vintage handbags!!) But one thing is for sure- its really fun! And if you persevere and really hunt around,  when you do find your perfect charity shop piece, chances are you‘ll receive more compliments than if you’d just chosen a generic dress from Topshop. And you’re not likely to experience the embarrassing ‘same dress fiasco’ that can occur on nights out. Never is there a more apt moment for a dirty look than there is when two girls see each other in a club in the same dress!

Some of my own previous charity shop triumphs!

Some of my own previous charity shop triumphs!








And let’s not forget the very important fact that you’ll really be helping out a charity with your purchases. Proceeds from your investments will go to amazing causes- definitely guilt-free shopping! That’s what we like to hear. So It’s time to turn to charity  for salvation!