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Top Trousers 

After a couple of exciting but rather tiring weeks of moving house, I’ve finally had time to sit down and blog about my favourite subject again- fashion! I can never stay away too long! 

Following on from my blog post about what top styles we should be wearing for our body shape (which I’m chuffed to say got readers from all over the globe), this week I thought I’d move on to trouser shapes. 

Trousers are our everyday favourites. Easy to pull on and versatile enough to wear in the day through to the evening, I’m sure you’ve got a fair few pairs in your wardrobe yes? 

Although we may all own a lot of pairs of trousers, a large majority of women do confess that they find trouser buying the hardest out of all the garment types. 

The problem with trousers is that whilst they may look amazing from one angle, from another they may not look as good. They can also stunt our height and widen our appearance-boooo. Alternatively, they can lengthen our legs and slimline our figure- yippee! 

So what trouser types should you be wearing for your shape? 

The Bootleg Jean- Universally Flattering. 

Let’s start with the best first. If you’re anything like me, jeans will be at the top of your trouser list. I wear them almost every day and have all the styles from A-Z in every shade of denim. Their practicality is hard to beat. 

The best style for flattering your body shape is undeniably the bootleg Jean. 

The relaxed shape of the bootleg jean will do wonders for your figure, balancing everything out and not clinging on to anything that you don’t want them to. 

This style works well for ladies with bigger thighs and a tummy, because the top of the jean skims over you and the slight a-line cut at the bottom of the jean makes everything appear thinner whilst still maintaining a lovely shape. 

They also work well for petite ladies, giving them them curves to play with. 

Cropped Trousers. 

Cropped trousers are a great style for ladies with skinny legs and a bigger upper body (Apple shapes) who are looking to show off their lovely legs. 

Cropped trousers will show off elegant ankles and if you are very tall, can shorten your appearance slightly. 

The main thing to watch with cropped trousers is that the trouser doesn’t stop and cut off across the widest part of your calf, as this will widen the appearance of your legs.

 If you are larger on your bottom and thigh choose a slightly wider style and ensure it finishes just below your calf. 

As the ladies show above, this style looks fab with elegant heels. 

Wide Fit Trousers. 

This style worn with heels, as long as possible in length, are very flattering especially for ladies who want to disguise bigger thighs. 

Try to find a style with a side fastening as this with lengthen the leg and flatten the tummy. It’ll also make you appear taller. 

Team wide leg trousers with a slim fitting top to create a lovely flattering outfit! 

High-Waisted Trousers. 

This style suits ladies with long legs and little waists. If you are the lucky owner of a washboard stomach, this style teamed with a cropped top will look amazing on you! Or for a smarter look, copy Jessica’s style and tuck in a shirt with some. 

These are just some of the styles that are available to us. When you’re looking for your next pair of trousers, remember these little tips; 

1) Avoid too much detail on trousers such as large pockets if you are bigger on your bottom half as they will add unwanted weight to this section. Alternatively, detail and pockets can add volume to a boyish shape. See Mrs Beckham’s trousers below. 

2) Pleats are common in trousers but are notorious for adding unwanted weight to the thigh area so take care! 

3) Flat-fronted trousers and side fastenings are slimming to the figure. Holly’s flat-fronted, side fastening trousers show off her amazing waist and slim her legs. 

4) The longer the trouser, the more flattering appearance of your figure. As a result of this, heels are a pair of trouser’s best friend! 

5) When shopping, don’t be put off from buying if a pair of trousers are too long or big on the waist. They can easily be altered! Also, when trying on trousers, try to look at them from as many angles as possible to ensure they are right for you. 

Hope this has helped ladies. Happy trouser-shopping 🙂 


Necklines Nailed. 

Tops- we wear them everyday in all different styles, but are you really aware of what your neckline is doing for you and your body shape? 

It may sound rather trivial but your neckline can determine how good you look! Get it right, you’re showing off your best assets to perfection, but choose incorrectly and the wrong style can emphasise something you’d rather disguise and ultimately leave you unhappy with your outfit choice. 

So what necklines should you be wearing for your shape? 

The Round Neck.

Olivia Palermo

Let’s start off with the hardest one- the round neck top is a common choice with us all. The biggest issue with round neck tops is how they can highlight big or small busts and also our necks! 

If you’re big busted, round neck tops can make you appear square, and if you’re small-busted, they can highlight a flatter chest.

Round (crew) necks are ultimately most suited to slim ladies with long elegant necks (Olivia Palermo we salute you!)

If you still want to keep a round neckline in your wardrobe though, the best style to opt for is a scoop neck. This lower neckline flatters your bust and also shows off just below your collarbone and mid chest- the last area of a woman to age! 

The V Neck. 
One of my absolute favourites, and should be yours too as it flatters most body shapes! 

The degree of ‘V’ that you choose to opt for basically depends on your face shape. If you have a longer face and neck, go for a shallow V, otherwise your features may be drawn out. Alternatively, if you have a rounder shaped face and shorter neck, go for a longer V. This will slim your face and lengthen your neck. 

Blake Lively

Good news for big busted women too- a V neck style will slim down your upper body and also flaunt your assets! 
The Polo Neck. 

The polo neck can be slimming and incredibly chic, but the main thing to remember when wearing a polo neck is to wear a well-fitted bra underneath as the fitted shape of most polo neck tops can be unforgiving! 

An oversized polo knit jumper in winter looks amazing, just make sure your bottom half is fitted to balance out the chunky knit on top. 

Victoria Beckham

The Wrap Top. 

My current favourite, much like the V neck top, a wrap top flatters pretty much all body shapes, drawing the eyes down in a slimming fashion and gathering in at the waist to create a lovely curved shape. Looks amazing in dress form too. 

The Tailored Shirt. 

The smartest neckline in town, the shirt style makes for an excellent framing device for your face with its collar. The fitted style of a shirt also creates a waist (or the illusion of one), and disguises a tummy. It can also create the illusion of a bust.

 For big busted ladies, make sure the buttons don’t pull across your chest, or wear a camisole under a shirt and wear your shirt slightly open as an alternative. 

Hopefully you’ve identified a couple of styles for yourself, it’s amazing the difference a lil ol’ neckline can achieve after all! 

Orange Is The New Black.

Boo! Halloween is fast-approaching, I’ve bought the pumpkin, the candles and the chocolate treats, now to address the costume. Of course, black and orange are totally in this week darling so these would  be the go-to colours to dress in surely?



Now I must confess before I go any further that I myself may need some convincing on the subject of wearing orange . I’ve had a think and I don’t believe that I’ve ever owned anything in this colour- apart from an adidas shell suit when I was nine (arghhh faux pas!)

Orange is a vibrant and exciting colour, but not one which we necessarily rush to wear. For many, its a risky colour to pull off and people don’t tend to know what hair colours or skin tones suit this shade. So I thought that I would look more into this and actually work out if I can make this colour work for us and our wardrobes.

The first promising sign for this colour that I discovered was that Victoria Beckham (my ultimate fashion icon)LOVES this colour, both choosing to wear it herself and feature it in a number of her collections. From pretty apricots in her spring collection, to tangerine and tomato shades for A/W, Victoria shows that orange can be classy and sophisticated. From tailored two pieces to using it in colour block outfits, her collections show that orange can work on a number of different levels.

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Other fashion houses also used orange in their recent collections. Check out Celine’s flowing trousers, Burberry’s twist on their classic trench and Dior’s strapless asymmetric gown.

So we’ve seen the fashionistas work orange, but how can we work it into our every-day wardrobes effectively? I’ve come up with a couple of ways to get us all embracing orange all year-round.


Orange is a fantastic way to inject some colour and life into your wardrobe. From  amber all the way to vermilion, there are around 46 shades of orange so definitely one to suit everyone!

If you want to start off subtly with orange, then why not go for a two-tone garment?

A subtle burst of colour

A subtle burst of colour

This is exactly how I would wear orange as I generally like to wear neutral colours but sometimes wish that I wore more colour. I love how this outfit isn’t overbearing, still easy to wear and practical but looks all the more fashionable because of the burst of orange.

You could use two-tone in a chunky knitwear piece as show above, or in accessories such as scarves and hats. The key to this look is to let that little bit of orange do the talking, keeping the rest of your outfit relatively simple. A great way to introduce this zesty colour into your life!

Make A Statement. 

Choosing two-tone garments are a great way to introduce orange in an understated way, teaming it with a more neutral, classic colour. On the opposite end of the scale, orange gives you the perfect opportunity to make a BIG statement with what you wear so why not go big with your newfound colour?!

When looking to make a statement, go for the item of your outfit that is most obvious. At this time of year, the obvious choices for statement-wear would be a coat or a big chunky piece of knitwear. Remember that to make this piece do the talking, team it with items that will complement and support. If you are bigger on top with slimmer legs, choose something on bottom which will draw the eye down. Alternatively, if you are bigger on your bottom half, choose a top or coat that will bring attention up.

Tweed, darker denims, greys and mossy greens all go fantastically with orange and will help you achieve a lovely autumnal look.

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As the above ladies show, orange can work on many levels, whether you’ve layered it over a shirt and jeans for a smart day-time look, or have chosen it for an elegant evening look like Emma Watson in her floor-length number.

In conclusion, I’ve managed to convince myself that I would like to welcome some orange into my autumn wardrobe! I will personally be on the lookout for a two-tone jumper and probably a chunky tangerine scarf. What are your thoughts on orange? Have you been convinced?

Happy Halloween all! To finish off, here are some of my favourite fashionable Halloween/ Autumnal looks!

Why Designer Handbags Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Summer with Mulberry!

Summer with a Mulberry handbag!







When I was very little and went on one of my first holidays to Italy, I remember religiously carrying around a little plastic handbag as if it were surgically attached to me. My most prized possessions had the honour of being carried round in it! Then as I got older I graduated up from toy handbag to actual handbag. My teenage years saw me have a GAP handbag in every colour, and now I go to Zara and Topshop for my ‘grown-up’ versions. I have been lucky enough to inherit some amazing vintage handbags from my mother and grandmother (yay for my little red mulberry!), but my ultimate handbag goal has yet to be achieved- to own my very own designer handbag!

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With the news this week that creative director of Mulberry, and creator of the Alexa and Del Ray designer handbag, Emma Hill will be leaving the brand, I took to thinking about how much of an impact a lil old handbag can make. Yes, it may sound stupid, and i’m pretty sure no boy will ever comprehend their importance to us girls, but designer handbags really are our best friends!

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Emma Hill is widely regarded as being the magic ingredient to Mulberry’s success since 2007. Having previously worked for Burberry, GAP and Marc Jacobs, her CV was already looking preeeety impressive. She heavily used celebrity endorsement to sell her bags (f-row at the Mulberry shows were always celebrity crazy),and perhaps this is a factor as to why we are all so desperate to own a designer bag these days. We want anything that celebrities have. And the celebrities have a planet’s worth of designer handbags between them!

For the Kardashians, it’s the Celine bag. Victoria Beckham had quite the love affair with Hermes handbags. Miranda Kerr loves the classic Vuitton. And Alexa and Lana were more than happy to carry round their bag versions whenever possible. Everyone has their specific dream bag and most girls have a plan in place to acquire one!

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So why the need to own a designer handbag? Yes, we want what the celebs have, but why not just settle for a high-street copy? I think its because owning a designer handbag is an aspirational thing which goes further than having the bag itself. Yes, designer handbags are beautifully crafted, amazing quality and tend to last a lifetime. They make you look sophisticated and rather upmarket. But it’s how you got to owning it. I hear stories all the time about girls using their first proper wage slip to buy a designer handbag. It’s a mark of success. A symbol that you’ve made it! Whether you’ve earnt the money to buy one for yourself or are given one as a gift from a loved one, it will mean something important to you.

Models with Mulberry!






So deep stuff about symbols and aspirations aside, the designer handbag looks set to continue its steady relationship with us girls. Let’s hope that wherever Emma Hill goes, she continues to create some amazing bags for us to lust over and eventually own! I’ll take the one below please! 🙂

Dream Mulberry Bag 2013!

From Catwalk, To Celeb, To High Street- 5 Spring Fashion Buys!

Catwalk envy, it’s not pretty. The phrase ‘look but don’t touch’ would be extremely relevant for the garments that frequent the runways. We watch the shows in their fabulous settings, discover the best new designs, get totally inspired and then fall short of reaching our goals when we realise we might not be able to stretch to that £400 dress…well not this month anyway (wishful thinking!) And then to rub it in even more, we then have to redirect our jealousy to all of our favourite celebrities who are first in line to wear these exciting new fashions. Don’t even get me started on the grim reality that these super rich celebrities usually get these luxurious items ‘on the (fashion) house’!

But amidst all this negativity, we do have a saving grace! Three cheers for the high street! Making luxury fashion possible for a mass market. They really do a spectacular job of recreating our favourite catwalk looks at much more affordable pricing. And thus, fashion trickles down from catwalk to celebrity to high street and then quickly into our wardrobes! How many times have you been in a shop and seen a near identical double of a designer piece hanging right in front of you shouting ‘buy me for 1/100th of the designer price’!  And in this sense we are very lucky to have the high street.

So I got to looking for some key spring fashion trends inspired by the designers, and using the catwalk to celeb to high street filter, discovered some great finds!

1)      The Print Blazer

Blazers can safely be placed into the capsule wardrobe category. You can dress them up or down, they come in every colour and material that you could possibly need. But this spring, you should be going big with your blazer or going home! A print blazer is such an easy way to make a statement and can be worn with all manner of clothing. On the catwalk we saw Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney and House of Holland all showcase their versions of a printed blazer. Stella’s in particular struck a chord with the fashion pack for their sophisticated yet zany prints. And the celebrity world lapped them up. Check out style icon Miranda Kerr in her floral Stella blazer, teamed with skinnies and neutral basics. Now for the most important part- buy your own amazing print blazer at Zara this spring! I absolutely love this blue and white ceramic print one which I would wear with skinnies like Miranda, or over a shift dress.

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2)      The Maxi Skirt

Last year Maxi skirts were a revelation for girls all around the world. A perfect way to look fashionable without having to try too hard. Worn defiantly with gladiator sandals  even though the british ‘summer’ was more suited to wellies, it was a rather boho look. This year, they’ve taken on a more delicate, pretty aesthetic. Sheer, often pleated and in pastel and light spring colours, on the catwalk this Rocha Maxi Skirt set the standard for maxi skirts for SS13. Then Jennifer Lawrence brought the look to life with her flowing white pleated maxi cinched in around her tiny waist and completed with wedges and a vest for a comfortable yet trendy daytime look. Buy your own maxi skirt at Mango this spring. They do it in a wonderful range of colours but I thought this lemon yellow one was particularly striking.

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3)      The Drop-Waist Dress

This trend is partly inspired by the catwalk trend and partly by the upcoming HUGE film that is The Great Gatsby! This style of dress has a distinct 1920’s glamour feel . Victoria Beckham brought this style of dress into Vogue a few seasons ago and it’s still very popular in the fashion world. Check out posh in her own design (so bloody lucky), and then compare it to this ever so cute design from H&M, an absolute steal at £29.99. The frills, the colour… I love it all!

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4)      The Perspex Heel

At all the fashion weeks this year, there was one common dominant force. Perspex. It  was ready for world domination! From bags to stunning pieces of jewellery, the wow factor really came in the form of shoes. Chanel’s Perspex heels were a wonder to behold in their other-worldly catwalk setting, and Christian Louboutin did not want to be left behind, making sure his Perspex designs were on the all the best perfectly pedicured feet of the fashion world. Then the celebrities followed suit. Emma Stone worked her Perspex Louboutins into her monochrome look at a premiere, whilst posh totty Millie Mackintosh  featured her sky-scraper Perspex heels in her very own fashion blog. For your high street buy, invest in these Lelia pyramid stud heels in mint green from Reiss. Perfectly Perspex!

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5)      The Winged Bag

One of the best feelings in the world is scouting out an utter fashion bargain. Even better when it looks near identical to a luxury designer piece! One of THE bags of the moment is the Celine winged handbag. The Kardashians’ each have about eight which should give an indication of their luxury factor. My favourite Kardashian, Kourtney (the most sophisticated of the bunch by far), wears her black one with a daring print jumpsuit and looks pretty darn fashionable. And if you’d like to recreate the Celine handbag look then it’s going to cost you…. (drumroll)….£20! Snap up this Topshop lookalike which is currently in the sale! Waaa.

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So there you have it! A little bit of inspiration for you. Going from the catwalk to the sidewalk (excuse the Americanism) really is possible these days!


Spring Fashion 2013- 5 Pretty Things To Invest In

I am feeling very frustrated. And I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling. After waiting for what seems like a decade since the designers showcased their SS13 designs, and after giving in to temptation to what all the high street shops are offering for SS13, it has transpired that the weather does NOT want to play ball and we are still very much stuck  in AW12. How last season. Literally.

But surely spring must be on its way?! It can’t rain forever can it?? It really is time to pack away the chunky knitwear and big boots and blow off the dust on our light jackets and ballet pumps. And the trends for this spring really are something to get excited about which makes the waiting all the more harder! So when the good weather FINALLY arrives, what trends should we buy into? Here are my five favourites….

A Kimono Jacket

Yes, this traditional Japanese garment has well and truly landed smack bang in the middle of spring 2013. On the catwalks we saw a modernised take on them, teamed with geometric patterning, sharp tailored pieces and killer legs of course! ZARA have an abundance of kimono-style jackets available- you can go all out with an eye-catching patterned one, or go for a understated neutral where the attractive kimono cut of the garment does all the talking. I think this is a perfect garment to dress up or down. The elegance of the sleeves would work perfectly with a demure evening dress. Failing that, teamed with a white tee (see my previous blog post ‘Ode to the humble white tee’) and some leather shorts, you could look tres fashionable in the day. So easy to wear! That’s what we like to hear.

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Open Knitwear

What the heck is open knitwear I hear you say? Well, its knitwear…which is open! By that I mean the knit is further apart giving a net-like aesthetic. So it’s a lighter, spring alternative to the chunky knit that we’ve all become accustomed to hibernating in for the last few months. A good transition from winter to spring if you will. I love this look because it’s a great garment to layer with as you can see what’s underneath. Work this look with fellow spring trends yellow and monochrome. You would have had to be living under a rock to not know that these two are in! :p

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A Leather Pencil Skirt

Most of us own a leather jacket, not so many leather trousers. Very tricky to pull off. So why not go for the middle man this spring and invest in a leather pencil skirt? Designed to create curves in all the right places, the pencil skirt is every girl’s best friend. Sophisticated and sexy.  Do smart with a sheer shirt and blazer combo or grunge it up with a band t-shirt tucked in. And if you want to score extra fashion points, go for an electric blue one. One of the colours to watch!

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Anything Orangey-red

If Victoria Beckham likes it, then I love it! Orangey-red, NOT to be confused with orange… or red, is the hottest hue this spring. Mrs Beckham used it in her SS13 collection as did Paul Smith and Sportmax, and Rosie H-W wore it to LFW,so naturally it turned to gold in the fashion world. A difficult colour to team with other colours unless you’re brave and want to colour pop, most of the designers have been using it with black or crisp white which I think makes an amazing contemporary look.

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A dress from & Other Stories

The latest thing to come from those gems that brought us H&M, & Other Stories launched its store in Regent Street recently and has received amazing reviews from critics, bloggers and shoppers alike. I love the whole concept of the brand. The website is like one big mood board and a welcome change from other clothes websites which can become a bit monotonous as you browse through them. & Other Stories is refreshingly different- its shopping pages are like Pinterest boards- so much funner! And if you’re looking for a dress for spring, this is the place to head. Classics, original, edgy, elegant, there really is something for everyone- at very respectable prices too! I am very jealous of you Londoners! First stop next time I’m in London will be here. http://www.stories.com/

So come on weather, sort it out! We have some serious catching up to do!

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Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

H m
$79 – hm.com

Mulberry lock bag
$470 – flannelsfashion.com


John Lewis purple beret
$24 – johnlewis.com