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Grey for a summer’s day?! 

The colour grey doesn’t traditionally conjure up exciting images does it? Rain clouds, concrete, that terrible book…it’s not really up there in the ranks of most popular shades to wear. But then again, black doesn’t conjure up the happiest of images either but is definitely in all of our wardrobes, the favourite shade to dress in to look timeless, sophisticated and slimmer! 

Do you currently own anything grey clothing-wise? Or is it something you’ve never really considered? Maybe you might need some persuading on this front!

Grey is a fantastic shade for so many reasons. Firstly, it suits all skin tones because it comes in (just as the book suggests) over fifty shades! Because of this, it’s so easy to work with and very versatile. Lucky for us the high street seems to have caught on to the grey trend and there is plenty of it there for us to lap up be it clothes, shoes or accessories. 

Grey clothes, accessories and shoes for all!

Grey is a great multi-seasonal neutral shade which can be worn in block (just by itself) for a sophisticated sleek look, or used to bolster and complement other colours. As mentioned, grey is the perfect shade to suit all types of skin tone and will always highlight and show off a tan too. Top marks! 
In summer, teaming with pure white will look amazing and effortlessly stylish. I’m a big fan of midi and maxi skirts at the moment so will definitely be on the lookout for a skirt to replicate these looks below,  finished off with a pair of wedges.

Grey is suitable for both casual and smart occasions too. Whether you want to wear it on the office, for a day out shopping or to a wedding or other special event, the high street has a lot to offer, from short suits, to Grecian style dresses and jersey t-shirt dresses. 

Casual summer days

Special Occasion Dressing

Stylish Workwear

If all-grey outfits are just not you, then you can always use grey to complement and highlight brighter colours which you already have in your wardrobe to show them off at their best. 

This beautiful coral Reiss shirt dress looks amazing with these grey accessories – either as a daytime  look with the flats or a pretty evening look with the heels. 

Or check out this feminine jumpsuit (also from Reiss) which looks fab with deep red and gold accessories. The perfect outfit for a wedding. 

grey and pale pink= perfection

As you can see from my outfit examples, grey works well with all colours and there’s really not one I can think of which wouldn’t go! 

So although perhaps traditionally viewed as a slightly bland shade to wear, I think you’ll agree that grey can be transformed into a flattering, feminine and ultra stylish look. Have a peek at these high street offerings below, all available at this very moment, just in time for summer! 🙂    

Will you be investing in any grey-wear this summer? And what colours will you be pairing it with? 


Navy Makeover. 

We’ve all got it in our wardrobes (no not that regretful expensive fashion purchase that still has the price tag on), and it’s the closest sister to the ever faithful black garment. Navy is a wardrobe staple, but unlike black, can often be hard to obviously team with other colours.

As a navy devotee, I tend to play safe and put with other neutrals such as whites and greys, and tan is a must for summer. But what are my other options to ‘shuzz’ up my navy collection? 


Ok, so not everyone has this in their wardrobe, myself included, but have a look at these pics… 

I think orange perfectly complements navy which results in a strong outfit which is still simple but just says more. I particularly love the orange shoes, just goes to show if you’re a bit wary about orange clothing, you can just go with a key accessory. Accessory-wise, a scarf or bag would also work just as well when teamed with a neutral navy garment. 

Personally speaking, I think I’ll be investing in a little orange knitted cardigan which I can put over a summer dress or team with cropped trousers and a light top. 

During my childhood, lime green was a thing made of nightmares, I remember chavvy shell suits and trainers in this colour, enough to put anyone off for life. But now?  I love it! Especially with navy. This is a bolder look than orange but I think even more effective. Definitely a brave departure from teaming navy with neutrals but I think a good one.  

Whilst I love the dramatic poofy skirt outfit, I think I’ll be going for a more low key look, perhaps going for a jumper to team with some navy culottes or a maxi skirt. Lime green jewellery is also a good idea to start off with if you’re still a little intimidated by the colour! 

You can also opt for a different shade of green, such as emerald. This is a more sophisticated colour and would look good as part of an occasion wear outfit. 


And finally, the most feminine of the three, pink! This is the colour that we’re all most likely to already have in our wardrobes. I adore pink with navy and think it looks elegant and girly together. Navy stripes with pink is one of my go to looks, you cannot go wrong!  

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to livening up your navy pieces. What better time to add some life and colour with the arrival of summer? Here are some outfit ideas which I’ve put together to help give you some high street inspo! 




Pretty In Pink Winter 2015

So we’re into October! This is definitely my favourite time of year- my birthday is approaching (yippee) and so is Christmas (slightly scary), but most of all I love this autumn season because of the fashion!


This year its a little different as we’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a mini Indian summer this week, causing us all to rush to get out our sunnies and strappy tops again. But usually it would be around this time that I would be unpacking and brushing off the knitwear, and replacing my ballet pumps with sturdier winter boots-much to the delight of my feet!

This October also welcomes the ‘Wear It Pink’ campaign in support of Breast Cancer awareness. This campaign encourages us to raise awareness and also lots of money for all-important research into fighting Breast Cancer through arranging events where we can all get together and sell baked goods, play some games, and all wear pink to show our support.

Autumn Leaves and Pretty Pink

Autumn Leaves and Pretty Pink

As we are just about to embark on this ‘Pink Month‘, I thought I would have a look at the best pink fashion pieces in the shops at the moment. The colour pink isn’t often associated with the winter months, but its a surprisingly easy colour to wear around this time of year and can be easily incorporated into your current wardrobe. It also appeared in several Fall shows including Sibling, Prada, Mary Katrantzou and D&G. As a delicate and light colour, it will definitely lighten your mood on those cold dark winter mornings when you have to leave the house for work at silly o clock!

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A winter coat is a staple for your wardrobe and often winter go-to colours include blacks and greys. If you are looking to inject a bit of winter pink into your wardrobe that is easy to wear with everything, why not try this jacket from H&M? This will work perfectly with winter neutrals already in your wardrobe such as blacks, whites and greys and also looks great with stripes. It’s smart style also means you could wear it over work-wear, or alternatively with jeans and some winter ankle boots on your weekends off.


If you’re a ‘black is my happy colour’ type of lady then why not try accessorising with pink this season? A subtle burst of colour can transform and work wonders for a simple outfit. This magenta pink suede bag from Zara is in my opinion the perfect size, the perfect shade and the perfect statement. I think this would look amazing with a colour block dress or two-piece outfit. And it has room to fit all your winter essentials in, including an umbrella-which we will be more than likely to need soon, lets face facts 😦


Finally, with this season comes lots of parties and with partying comes pretty dresses! I love this dainty Ted Baker ballerina-style dress with big bow feature which cinches in at the waist creating a very flattering feminine shape.


So next time you are out shopping, why not have a look around for some pink garments which will add some warmth and romance to your winter wardrobe.

Additionally, a number of fashion and beauty brands are showing their support for ‘Wear It Pink’ month through donating proceeds from particular products to the cause. For example, Jo Malone is donating money from sales of their Red Roses floral cologne and ASDA’s ‘Tickled Pink’ campaign includes various products which donate money to the cause.

So THINK PINK this month and let me know what pink goods you discover!



London Fashion Week- Crazy In Love With Embellishment

Last week it was Paris, this week it was London, now its Milan- oh what a glamorous life the fashion pack live! This week I’ve been relying on the likes of Elle editor Lorraine Candy, IT girl Alexa Chung and Model Suki Waterhouse’s instagram accounts to get my fill of all the catwalk shows as they happened (all from a front row perspective of course). I wowed at the structural creations at Peter Pilotto, cooed over the delicate dresses in Burberry and envied the models that got to wear Erdem’s wondrously white designs.

One trend that I LOVED from the London collections was embellishment. I’ve always loved a cheeky bit of embellishment- it’s an easy way to smarten up an outfit by adding a touch of glamour and sparkle. Think less TOWIE dresses embellished with sequins so that their life depends on it, more subtle yet statement. Small but mighty if you will. At Burberry, arguably the most anticipated LFW show, embellishment was seen on tops, dresses and accessories. And at Christopher Kane, the embellishment was ever so cute, featuring on shoulders and delicate straps. If it’s possible to fall in love with a jumper, then I did.

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Embellished skirt Burberry

Embellished Skirt Burberry

Embellished Pink Coat Burberry

Embellished Pink Coat Burberry

Embellishment on Cara at Burberry

Embellishment on Cara at Burberry

Embellished belt completes a Burberry outfit

Embellished belt completes a Burberry outfit


















Luckily for us, embellishment is almost always available to us on the highstreet. Try Zara for embellished statement necklaces- they can be pricey but well worth the investment. Wear over some chunky knitwear. Better still, invest in some embellished knitwear- what a way to kill two birds with one stone ey! Embellishment is not restricted to one item of clothing- whether it’s a beautiful dress, a smart casual jumper or a waist belt over a neutral dress, embellishment is a sure fire way to jazz up an outfit. What will you choose to wear?

Great Scot! AW13 Trend- Tartan

When it comes to my own fashion style, there are a few ‘no-go’ areas which I like to stick by. Whole neon outfits, zebra print, stripper shoes, Clark’s shoes…. and then the big one, tartan. I have managed to avoid wearing tartan for my entire life, that’s 24 years people, quite impressive! My main hesitation with tartan is that it is quite a crazy pattern to wear as ‘fashion’. When I think of it, I think of kilts (obviously) or a punk rock look.

But I think my ‘avoid tartan at all costs’ rule is soon to become void . Not that I’m impressionable or anything but tartan is soon to become everywhere this AW with it appearing all over the catwalk at the AW13 fashion weeks. Longtime lovers of tartan McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have some new acquaintances! Gucci, Moschino, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, Celine…breath…. all showcased their modern takes on tartan this year. And they’ve managed to convert pretty much the entire fashion world where this pattern is concerned.

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These fashion power houses have reinvented tartan for modern-day life- it’s not only traditional green and red designs on the scene. They’ve used pretty pastel colours and neutrals, giving the pattern a much more sleek and sophisticated feel. It also makes it easier for us to incorporate into our wardrobes- tartan is a look not known for fitting in easily with other patterns, colours and styles. It likes to stand alone!  Saying that, for those that love to make a bold statement and have that admirable brave style combined with no fashion fears, the traditional tartan is still very much available to those who want it.

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And there is good news for high-street lovers. There are some amazing tartan designs which have filtered down from the catwalk to our favourite shops. Next, F&F (Tesco) and Primark all have strong AW13 designs, from pretty dresses, to checked trousers and statement winter coats.

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My favourite high-street shop Zara has some beautiful tartan creations which have helped me change my opinion on tartan. I also found an absolute bargain in the Zara sale- a pair of tartan checked cropped trousers for £9.99! I’ll wear them with black heels and a crisp white shirt for smart occasions or under a chunky winter coat when winter falls upon us. What tartan piece will you invest in this AW?

Summer Fashion Trend Alert! The Skort- Have The Best Of Both Worlds

The Newly Revamped Skort!

The Newly Revamped Skort!








Let’s take a trip down memory lane, or rather fashion lane shall we say. It’s the late 90’s. We all think we look the bomb. Pedal pushers, Adidas shell suits,  bandanas, SCRUNCHIES (?!) and Spice Girl-esque platform shoes are just some of the looks that we loved to don. They made us look so good when we were bopping along to S Club 7. Fast-forward to 2013 and a now 24 year old me, I can  thankfully say that I have the sense to never, never repeat any of these looks ever again! But there is one 90’s trend that has won me over again very surprisingly, and it’s the skort.

The skort is a weird thing, yet so wonderful! Gone are the days where it was seen as a sports garment for women to wear along with a visor for a game of tennis. The skort has been transformed into something seriously fashionable (my 90’s Tammy Girl ones would definitely not fit the bill these days).  Firstly they’re very practical. There’s always a hint of self-consciousness when wearing a short skirt out and about. With a skort you have the appearance of a pretty mini skirt, with the safety of shorts underneath. No knickers on show today!

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Skorts are also rather versatile. I had a look on Pinterest for some skort-spiration and found some lovely ladies working the skort into various trends including monochrome, neon and sports luxe. Skorts can be worn smart, casual, at a festival, in the city…anywhere really! So a worthy investment which you should get a lot of wear out of. Plus, you really do get two looks in one- one minute you’re in a skirt, then you need only turn around and you’re in shorts too! Magic.

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This season, ZARA had THE skort that every fashionista was after. Coming in a fab asymmetric cut, Its been feautured on countless blogs and worn by celebs including ZARA lover Olivia Palermo, which just goes to prove that it’s a winning garment.

So why not opt for a skort this summer? 2 things for the price of 1 🙂 Yay!

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1920’s Great Gatsby Glamour- Out With The New In With The Old

1920's Fashion is back!

1920’s Fashion is back!






Trends-they’re what keeps the fashion cycle turning and what keeps the world of fashion so exciting and fast-paced. They also largely contribute to our empty bank balances by the end of each month! This season we were introduced to trends including sports luxe, metallics and neons, and next season we will be sure to see a whole new load of looks welcomed into the fashion family.

But there is one trend that refuses to phase out when a new season rolls in. And this trend is vintage. These days the definition of vintage is becoming increasingly blurred. Some people like to stick to the definition of vintage as being a second hand garment from a previous era, some like to use the term  for a new garment which is based on an old one, and some just like to call it vintage if it has a hole in it (ahem, Joey Essex). Whatever your definition, old garments and accessories are still very much on the fashion scene and can often make the difference between an outfit which scores 9/10, and one which scores full marks for originality!

And what better time to talk about Vintage, what with the hugely anticipated release of the The Great Gatsby, a film full of wonderfully glamorous 1920’s fashion. I’m a firm believer of reading the book before viewing the film but I may have to pass this time because I’m so desperate to see the film! Leading up to this big film release, the catwalk shows were also celebrating the 1920’s fashion trend, from the beaded and tasselled flapper frocks, masses of ostrich feathers and drop-waisted dresses which all appeared in collections including Gucci, Marchesa, Etro and Sonia Rykiel. If its on the big screen and the catwalk, you know you’re onto a sure-fire hit!

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So how do you work the 1920’s look into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’ve raided a fancy dress box? It’s actually very easy! The 1920’s fashion embraced opulence and glamour. The key was in the texture (think luxury furs, silk and satin). Detailing was also of paramount importance- tassels, jewels and embellishment were popular, infact anything that would catch people’s eyes and look good when moving (boy, they loved to dance in the 1920’s!) Statement jewellery is the perfect way to work 1920’s into an everyday outfit. Think pearls (the traditional failsafe), delicate headpieces and big jewelled rings.  If you’re going to choose a bracelet, choose several at once. They loved to go big or go home where jewellery was concerned.

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Dress-wise, flapper dresses are the most obvious choice. I absolutely LOVE drop-waist dresses. They make a refreshing change from wearing tight bodycon dresses and the like out. I think there is something very cute and innocent about them! Tasselled dresses are also a flattering option to go for, just make sure you can shake it like Shakira to make maximum impact from your tassells!

So whilst I love a new trend or two (or three), sometimes its more effective to look back instead of forward for your next look. 🙂

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